Here is our “Where can I get a free VPN?”

Rank Company Features Price Link
  • Best for Streaming
  • Easy-to-use
  • 30-day money-back
  • Fast P2P connection


2 years plan $79

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  • Strong support
  • High speed
  • Huge amount of servers


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  • Fast speeds
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • Chameleon Protocol
  • 3 Day Free Trial


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Pure VPN
  • 300000+ IPs
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Dedicated IP option


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  • Flexible design
  • Fast speeds
  • Strong encryption
  • Up to 57% off


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Hotspot Shield VPN
  • 500 million users
  • No IP stored
  • Top 50 most popular iOS


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Ivacy VPN
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Torrenting is allowed
  • Up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • Speedy connection


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CyberGhost VPN
  • Strong privacy protection
  • High speed
  • Reliable uptime and no-spy servers


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IPVanish VPN
  • Great speed and performance
  • Vast choice of advanced features
  • Zero-logs policy
  • Killswitch and DNS leak protection


1 years plan $77,99

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Are Free VPN Services Really Free of Charge?

In the mid 1970-th was invented the phrase “If you're not paying for it; you're the product”. And this is the case of free VPN. In fact, most free VPNs don’t ask you to pay. They provide free service, but they don’t guarantee that this service will be reliable, highly efficient, and secure.

Also, free VPN service may generate revenue from your data selling it to advertisers or any other people which are interested in. But if you are not afraid of being used as a source of data you can try any free VPN service.

Does the Free Secure VPN Service exist?

We want to underline that free VPN service doesn’t provide all necessary security and encryption which paid service provides. Free VPN service can be used if you just want to access some geo-restricted sites, but it will not cover your needs in online anonymity, privacy and security. You better use cheap VPN

Disadvantages of Free VPN Service Online

Problems with Privacy and Security

First of almost all free VPN providers don’t really care about your anonymity. They use outdated protocols (like PPTP) which are quite vulnerable. Also, such services provide no protection from DNS and IPV6 leaks. It means that your real IP address may be visible while you are < a href="/vpn-torrenting">torrenting or doing something else which you want to keep in secret. So if you need VPN to use torrents and stay anonymous free VPN service is definitely not for you.

Also, your data will be encrypted badly or not encrypted at all. It means that your secrets may be available for those who are interested in. If you need VPN for encryption (for example, you often use public Wi-Fi spots) free solutions will not be helpful.

One more thing to check is the jurisdiction of the country where free VPN provider is registered. If the laws of this country include norms about data retention it means that provider has to collect and keep your data and must provide it by request of law enforcement agency.

Keep Logs and Other Info

This disadvantage is related to the previous one. Logs can tell everything about you. Even if you don’t share your name logs will keep enough info to identify you. So if you want to use free VPN for torrenting or visiting sites which are prohibited in your country think twice. You will be easily identified.

Sell Your Data

As free VPN services receive no payments from their users they may use their data for commercial purposes. Advertisers may be very interested in data about what sites you are visiting, your internet surfing habits, etc. As most free VPN providers keep the logs such info will tell a lot about you (even if you wanted to keep this in secret).

Bandwidth Caps

VPN services which offer free and paid options usually establish the bandwidth caps for users on free option. The main purpose of this to make people switch to paid options. Also such limit helps to save the resources for paid users and prevent the overload of the system. So if you are looking for a VPN which offers unlimited bandwidth in most cases free VPN is not your choice.

Speed Restrictions

Free VPNs which don’t have bandwidth caps usually have speed limits. Actually, the reasons for such limits are the same. For sure such VPN providers are not suitable for torrenting and online streaming.

Limited Amount of Servers

If free VPN provider doesn’t have any paid plans it has not so many funds to build a reliable infrastructure. That is why you may face the problem that only limited amount of servers will be available for use. It depends on you whether or not continue using such service.

Lack of IP Addresses

This problem is also related to the fact that free VPN providers generate less revenue thus having fewer possibilities to develop the services.  If you need the set of IP addresses from specific location, or you are looking for the way to get full access to Netflix content(which continuously bans IP addresses of free Virtual Private Networks) free VPN will be useless.

UX Problems

As VPN providers with paid plans have funds and possibilities to improve the design of their application and make it simple even for beginners, free VPN services usually don’t overthink the problem. Of courses if you are an advanced user of VPN this is not a problem, otherwise, your user experience will be not very pleasant at all.


Some free VPN providers which have unlimited bandwidth and no speed restrictions get their main revenues from ads. So they have a free plan which is full of ads and paid plan which is ads-free. Such service will get its revenue anyway and only you decide whether or not use such kind of VPN.

Lack of Support

Yes, you may face such problem even using paid VPN, but free VPNs have almost no customer support. In the case of bugs or problems with access, you must rely on yourself. Lucky you if free VPN service has a solid community (forum, Facebook group) which may advise you something otherwise you will have to solve all problems alone.

FAQs about Free VPN Services

Can I use VPN service for free this one time only?

If you just want to see what is VPN about you can use free VPN service. Please note, that free VPN may provide not the best user experience as it may be slow or have a complicated user interface. In this case, it is better to use free trial from reliable VPN provider.

Are free VPNs dangerous?

In most cases, VPN service for free is just quite useless because it is quite limited and not comfortable to use. Of course, we should mention that it is better not to download free VPN applications from unreliable sites as they may contain malware and can be dangerous.

Can I use free VPN for torrenting?

We do not advise you to do so. A free VPN usually doesn’t provide enough coverage for your online privacy so copyright owners’ representatives will still be able to find you. If you are looking for budget but still reliable VPN to torrent check our page VPN for Torrenting