Best VPN for iPlayer

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Pure VPN
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Hotspot Shield VPN
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Ivacy VPN
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CyberGhost VPN
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IPVanish VPN
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How to Choose the Best BBC iPlayer VPN?

If you want to know how to get around BBC iPlayer and get it working VPN will be the best solution. Of course not all VPN providers are suitable so you have to take into account some factors which will make your experience better.

Don’t Use Free VPN

Most of such VPN services have a lot of restrictions and limitations (limited bandwidth, limited speed). But the main reason that currently, BBC is trying to restrict access to its content for those which use VPN. And all IP addresses of free VPNs are already known and blocked.

Wide Choice of the UK IP Addresses

The VPN provider you choose has to offer different servers in the UK and various UK IP addresses. It means that even if one IP address will be banned with BBC iPlayer you will also have another IP address to use. Also, your ideal iPlayer VPN provider should constantly update the set of UK IP addresses in order to have those which are not banned by BBC iPlayer.

Unlimited Bandwidth

If you want to watch BBC iPlayer without any limitation you need VPN service with unlimited bandwidth. Actually, most Paid VPN providers offer unlimited bandwidth by default but it is better to check beforehand.

Good Speed

TV series in good quality require the good speed of the internet connection. If you want to watch online Planet Earth or news from BBC it is better to check that your VPN service offers a good speed of the connection. Usually, the speed with VPN can be 10% lower than without VPN. But not more.

Excellent Customer Support

This is also extremely important. As BBC doesn’t like when somebody from outside the UK is trying to reach their content they are constantly banning IP addresses which belong to VPN providers. That is why it is important to have a responsive support which will be able to enable other IP addresses in the UK if all previous will be banned from BBC iPlayer.

Things to Consider Using VPN for BBC iPlayer

The most important in using VPN for iPlayer abroad is to constantly pretend that you are located in the UK so keep an eye on your devices (Windows, MAC).

Android Devices

If you want to use some Android Devices to watch BBC iPlayer (Smart TV or tablet) be careful. Sometimes they save DNS settings of your ISP instead settings of your VPN provider. The same can happen and with iOS devices. The one solution for this will be installing VPN on your router or using a virtual router. If you prefer watching BBC iPlayer on a really big screen we strongly recommend you installing VPN on your router (of courses in case your router support such function).

Cache and Cookies

Sometimes your browser may save the cookies from the previous session which will contain your real IP address. That is why even with VPN enabled BBC iPlayer will deny you from accessing its content (because somewhere in your cookies your real IP address is stored). That is why it is recommended to clean cookies and cache of your browser.

The Worst VPN to watch BBC

Some VPN providers even being good for other purposes are not suitable for watching BBC iPlayer mostly because their IP addresses for the UK are currently banned.

If you want to use Private Internet Access (PIA) be careful because most of its IP addresses for the UK are currently blocked by BBC iPlayer. As this company holds itself out as privacy solution it doesn’t tolerate those users which want to use VPN to overcome content restrictions. Read Nord VPN review

FAQs about VPN for iPlayer BBC

BBC iPlayer requires UK TV license for watching it. If I don’t have such license?

Nothing to worry about. When iPlayer will ask you about the license just click on the variant “I have a TV license”. That’s all. Currently, nobody does the further checks.

BBC iPlayer asks to enter UK postal code to confirm that I’m from the UK? How to overcome it?

The same as with TV license. You can generate UK postal code and insert it. Also, you can act smarter and find the postal code which will correspond to your IP address (e.g. if your IP belongs to London you can google for London postal code and enter it).

My BBC iPlayer VPN not working. What can I do?

For the first, don’t panic. Check your IP address using sites like or If it is something with your VPN connection you will see your real IP address (not the one belonging to the UK). Then clear your cache and cookies. You may also try to change the server or IP address. If nothing helps it is better to contact your VPN provider support.