Best VPNs with Free Trial

Rank Company Features Price Link
  • Best for Streaming
  • Easy-to-use
  • 30-day money-back
  • Fast P2P connection


2 years plan $79

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Ivacy VPN
  • Rock-solid security
  • Torrenting is allowed
  • Up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • Apps for every platform


2 years plan $49

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  • Strong support
  • High speed
  • Huge amount of servers


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  • Fast speeds
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • Chameleon Protocol
  • 3 Day Free Trial


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Pure VPN
  • 80,000+ IPs
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Dedicated IP option


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  • Flexible design
  • Fast speeds
  • Strong encryption
  • Up to 57% off


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Hotspot Shield VPN
  • 500 million users
  • No IP stored
  • Top 50 most popular iOS


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Benefits of VPN Free Trial

It Is Free

Benefits of VPN Free Trial

The main benefit of free trial is that it is free of charge. So you can try several VPN providers and choose the one which you like the most. Or you may find out that you don’t need VPN at all. And you won’t pay any cent for such experience.

All Advantages of the Paid VPN

In the case of free VPN providers, most of them have some limits (limited bandwidth, a limited number of servers, limited speed) but trial VPN from reliable services usually provides you all the benefits of paid VPN (maybe with some bandwidth limitations).

As VPN provider is interested in attracting more paid clients it will provide you the same experience as on paid subscription packages just to ensure you that its service is the best and it is a good value.

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You Can Try Several Providers

Trial VPN options are the perfect solution if you don’t believe the ads and want to test all the advantages of VPN provider by yourself. You Can Try Several ProvidersOf course, you can use paid subscriptions for trial, but free trials will be better (and cheaper). You will be better to check several providers and choose one which you like the most. Different people have different requirements towards the quality of services: somebody wants high-speed connection, somebody wants the possibility to watch Netflix from China, somebody wants to torrent without limitations.

Trial period will help you to understand whether this VPN provider corresponds with your needs.

Also, you may have your personal factors to choose VPN. For example, you may like a clear and easy menu of service which doesn’t require to be a techy person. Or you may like quick support 24/7 which will tackle all your problems at lightning speed. But all such things you will know after a trial.

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Types of Free VPN Trial

Basically, free trial VPN can be of two types free trial and grace period (money-back guarantee) in paid subscription. Let’s look at them more closely.

Free Trial

This is as simple as 1-2-3. You just register on the site of VPN provider and choose the option of a free trial. Some VPN providers offer 7 days of free trial, some services offer just 24 hours to try their products.

In most cases, 7 days is enough to understand how the services functions.

Some providers before the beginning of free trial ask for your credit card data. Right now most services are refused such approach but some VPN providers are still using it. The trick is that if you don’t unsubscribe from the free trial package before it ends you will be subscribed to paid package. Of course, the provider will write about it during the process of subscription for the free trial VPN so you just need to read everything carefully.

Types of Free VPN Trial Also, some providers set bandwidth limits for VPN trials. Usually, it is being done to prevent overloading the system and keep the resources for paid clients. With such restriction, you will be able to visit the sites you want, to encrypt your data, to check different servers, to watch a little your favorite Netflix TV shows but torrenting all days long will be unavailable. Such VPN providers may also ask for your credit card data and as soon as you exceed the limit they will subscribe you for paid package. Read Nord VPN review

As a general piece of advice, we should mention that asking for credit card data even for a free trial is common practice for the services. So if you want to try reliable VPN service there is no risk in providing it the data of your credit card. Just pay attention to the conditions of the free trial and finish it before you will be subscripted to the paid package (but even in this case most reliable VPN providers issue the refund without any questions).

Grace Period

VPN provider ExpressVPN NordVpn HIDEmyASS VyprVPN
Grace period 30 30 30 30
Time of installation 5 4 5 6

Some VPN providers avoid free trials but have a quite long grace period (up to 30 days). It means that VPN provider offers a money-back guarantee for the period of 30 days (usually). So to try VPN you need to pay for the first month.

Don’t worry reliable VPN providers will give your money back without any problems.

Keep in mind that you need to ask for money-back before the end of the grace period. Usually, provider asks about the reason of money-back, but the procedure is quick and simple and takes less than one minute.

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FAQs about VPN with Trial

Will VPN provider with grace period really give my money back?

On this page, we’ve collected reliable VPNs with a free trial. They have been working on their reputation for years and they won’t ruin it taking your few dollars. Of course, some of them may ask about the reasons for leaving them, but the procedure won’t be long or complicated. We’ve tried and it took just a few seconds to complete.

Is it safe to provide VPN service the credit card data for enabling VPN trial free?

Sometimes services of Virtual Private Networks ask for credit card data just to enable for you paid a subscription after the period of free trial is over. All reliable VPN services usually mention this while providing you a free trial. There is no risk in providing your credit card data to reliable VPN service as it will be stored securely.

What will be with my traffic logs after the end of the free trial?

Actually, VPN providers treat all logs equally no matter from paid or free users they are coming from. So if VPN service has zero logs policy it will collect no info about your online activity. If you don’t want your logs to be kept somewhere just choose the VPN provider which doesn’t keep logs.