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The United Arab Emirates has exceptionally tight government control over the Internet. The first question that worries many tourists traveling here is whether it is possible to use a VPN in Dubai and the UAE in general. You can, VPN in the UAE is not prohibited, but the use of some applications and sites is not permitted, and your VPN must be reliable enough to protect your privacy. There is no penalty for using a VPN in the UAE.

We recommend Nord VPN - it works in the UAE and provides you with the highest possible level of anonymity on the network, masking the use of VPN, and is also able to unblock any content at high speed.

List of The Best VPN for UAE

#1. ExpressVPN - ExpressVPN for UAE helps you bypass all online restrictions and to protect your online privacy. A hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee is supported with all purchases.

#2. NordVPN - NordVPN for UAE - Connect to 20+ stealth servers for secure internet access in the United Arab Emirates. Try risk-free for 30 days!

#3. PureVPN - PureVPN for UAE will provide you with 12 local servers to choose from, which are focused on different types of tasks and use the stealth protocol. Available for $10.95 per month and accompanied by a 31-day money-back guarantee.

Using a VPN in the UAE

Everyday messengers used by most people are blocked in the country, especially for VoIP, and you need a VPN in the Emirates for Skype, Discord, FaceTime, as well as for calls from Whatsapp, Viber, and others. The UAE blocks sites with 18+ content, gambling sites, and all content on the web is censored.

To stay out of trouble, you should only use the best VPNs for the UAE:

  • 100% no logs - see our review (do not believe everything written on the VPN site).
  • With obfuscation, disguising traffic as regular https occurs so that the Internet provider does not see that you are connected to the VPN at all.
  • Leakproof.
  • With encryption no lower than AES-256, additional features like Double VPN are possible.
  • With a feature like KillSwitch or NetworkLock will cut off the internet connection if the VPN connection is lost or the signal is too weak. The Kill Switch is an important feature to prevent open traffic from leaking into the network.

There aren’t many VPNs that work well against the UAE’s level of censorship and scrutiny. Therefore, when you find a reliable one, make sure to get it as it will likely work against the strictest censorship mandates, such as those in China.

Free VPN for UAE

You should understand that no free VPN will provide you with this protection level, especially since they are not capable of supporting calls via Whatsapp and VoIP. Not all paid VPNs can protect you, so you should consider top-tier providers from the TOP 5 most secure. Good news: you can use them for 30 days for free (with full functionality) or buy for a long time with impressive discounts of about 60-80% off.

1. ExpressVPN

In your ExpressVPN settings for the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, etc.), you need to enable Stealth Mode to mask traffic to unblock calls and access global content. VPN apps for the router, Windows and macOS, Android, and iPhone with built-in KillSwitch and no leaks are supported. As a whole, this is the best VPN to use in Dubai to access Netflix and other streaming services.

  • 94 countries with more than 3,400 servers (special offer)
  • Stealth mode in settings
  • Suitable for China
  • For just $6.67 per month

2. NordVPN

Nord is called the best VPN app for the UAE because no other provider offers this security level. Users are guaranteed anonymity and confidentiality of the connection, and there are no logs on the servers because the servers work in RAM mode. The service is suitable for torrenting and unblocking streaming video.

  • Obfuscation mode in apps
  • 59 countries for connection
  • Best mobile VPN for the UAE with ad-blocking
  • Prices as low as $3.71 per month

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Is Paid VPNs Legal in the UAE?
All VPNs are legal; they are not blocked. But you may be in trouble if the police find you are using prohibited apps or visiting blocked sites. Paid VPNs are better at protecting you from these situations.
How to get the UAE IP address?
Nord VPN has servers in the UAE, which are obfuscated, so you can connect to them and change your IP.
What to do if VPN doesn't work in UAE?
First of all, check if you have enabled connection masking mode in the settings. Try changing the connection server. Next, write to technical support, they will help you. VPNs in the Emirates are not blocked, so everything should work.

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