Best VPN for UK

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Ivacy VPN
  • Rock-solid security
  • Torrenting is allowed
  • Up to 5 devices simultaneously
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  • High speed
  • Huge amount of servers


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  • Chameleon Protocol
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Pure VPN
  • 80,000+ IPs
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Dedicated IP option


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Hotspot Shield VPN
  • 500 million users
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Also, you may need online privacy for other reason. If you torrent this kind of activity may draw undesirable attention from copyright owners. And it is not a secret that their representatives constantly monitor the biggest torrent trackers in order to find those people who breach their copyrights. If you don’t want to receive notifications from copyright owners, it is better to spoof your real IP address and use VPN.

One more reason for using VPN is to improve the security of your mobile devices. If you prefer to connect to open Wi-Fi spots you risk to become the victim of sniffer which will intercept your traffic and decrypt your data. VPN will encrypt the data which you send from your device and which you receive to your device so your data will be safe.

How to Find Proper British VPN


For those people who values own privacy VPN providers offer a full range of services to spoof their identity. If you use VPN United Kingdom data retention laws won’t affect you.

Your ideal VPN provider should provide such privacy feature like hiding your IP address. Better privacy will ensure kill switch (when all your current sessions urgently finish when VPN connection drops out) and protection from IP and DNS leaks. Of course shared IP address is a must because it renders almost impossible to find user among hundreds and thousands of other users on the same IP address.

It would be useful if your VPN provider offers the possibility to pay with Bitcoins. If you don’t want to see “subscription for VPN service” in your credit card statements Bitcoin will let you pay almost anonymously.

While choosing the VPN provider also pay attention to its logs policy. Reliable VPN provider should guarantee zero logs policy. Ideally, if VPN provider only asks your e-mail address for registration and login. Furthermore, excellent private VPN service is located in a country which has privacy-friendly legislation and doesn’t have any data retention laws. It will guarantee that even if copyright owners will ask your UK VPN provider for any info about your identity (actually the possibility of this is really small) your provider will have all the rights not to share any info.  It also has to be fast VPN service.


This is a very important feature if you prefer using open Wi-Fi spots. In order to prevent sniffing of your data, it is recommended using VPN service. Reliable secure VPN usually offers their users modern security protocols (OpenVPN or SSTP in some cases). For the best security, you may use double VPN option (when all your traffic is being encrypted on two VPN servers).

Also, encryption method matters. For now, AES-256 is an industry standard and it is strong enough to be almost invulnerable for brute force.


This is a very important factor if you like torrenting, online gaming or video streaming. Any reliable VPN service should provide fast servers and unlimited bandwidth. When switched on VPN shouldn’t slow down your connection more than 10%. And of course, VPN provider should have enough servers to forward your traffic if your usual server will be offline or overloaded.

Wide Network of Services

If your final destination is the site from the United Kingdom VPN may slightly slow down the connection if you are using server far away from your country. That is why it is recommended to subscribe to VPN provider which has servers in different countries (and at least three servers in the UK).

Also, a wide choice of servers is very useful if you are looking for some specific content available only in some regions (like popular online sports channel beIN Sports which is available only in the Middle East).

Friendly Support

The last but not the least. Responsive support will help the newbie to set up and use VPN service or will help the advanced user to find a server with IP addresses which are not blocked by Netflix or Hulu. Good support usually available via different means of communication (live chat, phone, e-mail)

FAQs about VPN in UK

If I’m looking for VPN from UK what VPN provider is better to choose?

It is better not to choose VPN provider located in the UK. Even if such provider claims no logs policy data retention law leaves the possibilities to identify you. Also, remember the famous scandal with VPN provider HideMyAss which is located in the UK. It was caught in a deception of its subscribers. It stated that keeps no logs but lately, users discovered that it is not true. And all the data collected now may be used against users which were looking for privacy and security.

Will VPN make me fully anonymous in the web?

Actually, no. VPN provides you privacy and security but not the full anonymity. For the first, your VPN provider may know your real IP address (that is why it is so important to deal with services with strictly no logs policy). Also, your traffic may be tracked even on the way from VPN server to the final destination. That is why for full anonymity it is better to use at least Tor browser combined with privacy-friendly VPN provider. Some VPN services (like NordVPN) offer Onion over VPN servers for enhanced privacy.

What’s about free VPN services? There are a lot of them on the web.

The only free cheese is in the mousetrap and free VPN is not an exception. Of course, some quite good VPN providers have a free subscription which is sponsored from paid subscriptions. But in most cases, free VPN services have a lot of restrictions and limitations without any guarantees of your privacy. Worse still some of such free VPN providers sell their users’ data to internet marketers and advertisers. If you want to know more about pros and cons of free VPN services, you can check this page Free VPN Service

I need the UK VPN server to watch BBC iPlayer. What VPN provider to choose?

Actually, you can choose any VPN provider which has servers in the UK. Of course, it is better to check the performance of this VPN service, but any VPN provider from the table above is suitable for watching BBC iPlayer.