CyberGhost VPN Review

CyberGhost VPN  Review

CyberGhost is a reliable VPN provider offering great privacy features and easy-to-use software. The price is also appealing, and it may be a critical factor in choosing a right VPN service for many users around the web.

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Here’s what you get:

  • High levels of security and privacy,
  • A wide range of servers at different locations,
  • P2P sharing,
  • Up to 5 simultaneous connections.
CyberGhost VPN interface
CyberGhost VPN interface
CyberGhost VPN interface

Servers are located around the globe and cover most popular countries. The VPN gives access to US Netflix and BBC iPlayer along and helps to unblock geo-restricted contents, including games and streaming services.

The app claims to block malicious attacks and phishing ads and protect from online tracking. The provider guarantees privacy and security on public Wi-Fi networks. The company is based in Romania which allows keeping all the sensitive data and traffic outside US jurisdiction.

Pricing and plans of CyberGhost VPN

Pros & Cons


  • Strong privacy protection with industry-standard protocols;
  • High speed;
  • Extra features, including blocking malicious websites, online tracking and phishing ads;
  • P2P sharing on selected servers.


  • Under EU jurisdiction which may be a bummer for some users

Pros of CyberGhost VPN


CyberGhost is based in Romania which is highly regarded as a privacy-friendly country.

The company positions itself as a fighter for free Internet and cares about keeping high standards of privacy and security for its customers.

The provider claims to keep no logs. They emphasize that they do not record communication contents or data regarding the accessed website or the IP addresses.

However, the company still records non-personal data (for example, regarding the utilization degree of the servers). Such records do not undermine user’s anonymity and serve solely to the improvement of the service performance.

Moreover, CyberGhost publishes a transparency report, but it is a good thing in the world where open Internet crumbles under governmental pressure. It also gives a taste of the kind of issues the company might face in its everyday operations.

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No-spy servers

A no-spy server is a cool feature which CyberGhost is quite proud of. These are servers located in Romania and operated entirely by CyberGhost. It means that the company does not have to rely on a third-party server provider, which enhances security and privacy of its users.

Wich CyberGhost VPN you can

Speed and Performance

CyberGhost claims to have a total bandwidth of 40.62 Gbit/s. It may not be the fastest speed, but it is more than enough for an average user. The speed and performance also depend on the chosen server, which means it may take time to find one that will be fast enough for user’s goals. However, it is still suitable for P2P sharing and HD streaming.


CyberGhost offers 1100+ servers which are mostly based in Europe and US. A handful of servers are available in Asia and Africa, but compared to other providers, the coverage is not that impressive. However, it still allows secure streaming (US Netflix, BBC iPlayer) and gaining access to Facebook and other popular social networks.

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Ease of Use

CyberGhost is quite user-friendly. It is easy to buy a subscription and connect to servers around the world in minutes. Connection varies across devices, but it is overall smooth and hassle-free. User experience is intuitive, and apps look good.


  • Easy to install
  • Intuitive interface
  • A range of apps for popular platforms


  • Confusing advanced configurations

CyberGhost VPN Pricing Plans

Period 1 month 12 months 24 months 36 months
Monthly price $11.99 $4.99 $3.79 $2.75
You’ll save   58% 68% 77%
Payment Features $11.99 monthly $59.88 every 12 months $90.96 yeary 2 years $99.00 yeary 3 years

Customer Support

Customer support is friendly and responsive. The first line is not very helpful with difficult issues, and it can take some time for them to get back. However, they can offer a quick help when it comes to payment, connection, and app use. Tutorials and manuals are extensive and helpful, which is a huge plus.

  • Country: Romania
  • Founded: 2011
  • Connections: 5
  • Refund policy: 30 days