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PureVPN has an impressive infrastructure: 141 countries, 180 locations, more than 2000 servers online. Sounds solid. On the special page you can see all the countries and all the servers available. So you can always find the server closest to you.

For those users which are looking for the fastest connection possible PureVPN offers split tunneling when you define what traffic will go through VPN and what traffic will go through your ISP.

Servers PureVPN

If you want additional layers of safety PureVPN has some useful add-ons to offer. NAT Firewall is great if you want to prevent the hacker attacks which may use the loopholes in the software of your device. NAT Firewall prevents all unauthorized outbound traffic.

One more useful feature is dedicated IP. It lets you take full control over your privacy and your reputation on the web. PureVPN has over 300,000+ IPs so you will definitely find the IP address which you need.

For enhanced security, PureVPN has elaborated DDoS protection which defeats the most complicated DDOS attacks and ensures the protection of users.

And the brand new feature from PureVPN – Virtual Router. Currently, it was implemented only for Windows application. This feature helps you to convert your computer or laptop into a virtual router and connect up to 10 devices.

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General information

PureVPN is one of the oldest VPNs, founded in 2006. The head office is headquartered in Hong Kong, and international surveillance alliances such as Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or Fourteen Eyes do not cover them. As a result, it becomes challenging to force PureVPN to transfer user data, which is a big plus for VPN companies and, in general, for users who need privacy and anonymity.

Jurisdiction Hong Kong
Dedicated/static IP
Simultaneous Connections 10

After registering with PureVPN, you can protect five devices simultaneously with one subscription.

Best to use for

With its characteristics and capabilities, Hong Kong PureVPN should be capable of masking traffic while operating in China. In practice, communication is more common but extremely slow, while setting up mobile devices can be difficult. We recommend downloading Express VPN for China, as it will perform faster and is more user-friendly.

Works in China (stealth-servers )
Obfuscated servers
Unblocks Netflix US

You can watch Netflix, although it doesn't work with all servers. Currently, many VPNs do not work with Netflix due to Netflix's VPN detection system. If you find it challenging to connect after several server changes, ask technical support, they will prompt you.

Pricing and Plans

PureVPN is often compared to Nord VPN, as they are similar in price. Pure VPN is slightly cheaper when considering the monthly subscription price ($10.95 vs. $11.95), but NordVPN is substantially less expensive in long-term packages. Users can also purchase a dedicated IP and DDoS protection (vital for gamers using VPN for gaming) for only $0.99.

min price $1.32
max price $10.95
max discount 88%
Money back days 31
Free Version Available
BitCoin accepted
No Credit Card Trials

You can use PureVPN for free on Android and iOS for seven days by subscription through the app stores, or get 7 days as a trial subscription on all devices for $0.99 on the official website.

Privacy & Security

Pure VPN has undergone an independent security review from Altius IT, which has confirmed that the system does not log any data that can identify the user, so it is safe to use while no leaks have been found.

Integrated Kill Switch
No Log Policy
DNS leak protection
Double VPN servers
256-Bit Strong Encryption
Onion Over VPN
Split Tunneling

Multiple expert tests in 2020 found zero leaks or other security threats. Kill Switch quickly drops the connection when the VPN connection is lost.

Servers and Speed

PureVPN provides over 2,000 servers in over 140 countries worldwide. Your internet speed depends in part on your distance from the server. Having so many servers around the world practically guarantees that PureVPN will have one near you. Two thousand servers are not that much compared to NordVPN, which has over 5,000 servers. As a whole, Pure is less popular, so servers tend to be less crowded.

Servers Number 2000+
Servers in Countries 180+
Blocks Ads
Bandwidth Caps
p2p Torrenting

Torrents with PureVPN are okay; just make sure you're connected to one of their dedicated servers configured for peer-to-peer (P2P) file transfers. Speed ​​tests have shown that PureVPN is fast (but not the fastest).

Customer Support

You can reach PureVPN via email or live chat 24/7. They have a support center full of helpful guides and FAQs, and a Contact Us form similar to sending an email.


Sometimes, it is inconvenient that there is no phone support for urgent or complex issues, but you can do without it in general.

Platforms and Devices

All major platforms are available: you can download PureVPN for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS, but for Linux, we recommend choosing NordVPN. No complicated configuration is required; in most cases, applications work with standard settings.


The PureVPN app chooses the "best" VPN protocol for you at startup, but we recommend using OpenVPN (UDP and TCP) since it is the best protocol for all-around performance and privacy.

There is no PureVPN APK on the site but instead in mobile app stores. Pure VPN has received 3.5 stars on the Google Play Store and 3.7 stars on the Apple App Store.

Browser Extensions

PureVPN's browser extensions are the same as most top providers:


Any browser can run through PureVPN split tunneling or general traffic protection. Run the application, and your traffic will be safe.


The PureVPN VPN for macOS has over 2,000 servers, more than 300,000+ IPs, and a 7-day trial for only $0.99. The Kill Switch protects your identity and information when the connection is lost.

VPN for Windows

PureVPN for Desktop provides unlimited switching with over 2,000 services, does not enforce bandwidth limits while prices start as low as $1.32 per month. Additionally, there is a 31-day trial available for $0.99.

VPN for Streaming

PureVPN for TV Streaming - Access BBC iPlayer, BT Sport, Disney, Hulu, and Amazon Prime from anywhere in the world - fast, secure, and no buffering. Prices from $1.32 to $10.95 per month.

Best VPN for Gambling

If you’re into online gambling, PureVPN may be best suited for you. With up to 180 locations, PureVPN allows high rollers to connect to countries from their desktop or mobile phones to begin wagering with online casinos.

VPN for Chrome

More than 3 million satisfied users have chosen PureVPN in Chrome. With easy expansion, access to 2,000+ servers in 180 locations, prices from $1.32 from the promotion, and a 7-day trial - they are well worth a try!

VPN for Netflix

PureVPN for Netflix - Watch Netflix shows from the US, Australia, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, and the UK with Pure VPN for only $1.32 monthly. You can also try the 7-day trial!

VPN for Apple TV

PureVPN for Apple TV, you can watch whatever you want. Get a 7-day trial of PureVPN for just $0.99 and unleash the true potential of your Apple set-top box.


PureVPN for UAE will provide you with 12 local servers to choose from, which are focused on different types of tasks and use the stealth protocol. Available for $10.95 per month and accompanied by a 31-day money-back guarantee.

VPN for China

PureVPN for China should work over the Stealth protocol, but in practice, the speed is slow. There are no local servers, but there are in neighboring countries. We recommend ExpressVPN for China.

VPN for Australia

PureVPN for Australia - With over 70 servers in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, PureVPN gives you quick access to everything you need. Enjoy 31 days for less than $1 and request a refund within 31 days for your money back!

VPN for Canada

PureVPN for Canada - Connect to 60 servers in 3 locations and get a Canadian IP address. Participate with a trial version for five devices for only $0.99 and be protected with a 31-day moneyback guarantee.

VPN for Turkey

PureVPN for Turkey allows you to connect to 6 servers in Istanbul, and, of course, global access to content. Fast and secure, PureVPN offers a seven day trial period for $0.99.

VPN for UK

PureVPN for the UK offers 160+ servers in London, Gosport, Manchester, and Maidenhead. Users can enroll with a 7-day trial to test performance and functionality before commitment.


PureVPN for US - More than 350 servers in different locations will give you a US IP address and access to any content at a reasonable speed. The minimum discount price is $1.32 per month.

VPN for Torrenting

PureVPN is sufficient for torrenting, but there is only a specific list of countries where it works. In the US, UK, and some others, PureVPN does not allow P2P.

30-day VPN Trial

PureVPN offers a paid trial - $0.99 for seven days; after which, the moneyback guarantee becomes non-redeemable, although there is a 40% discount for a year. You can test it for free via GooglePlay and Apple App Store for up to 7 days.

VPN for iPhone

PureVPN for iPhone and iPad - Available across six continents in 180 locations, PureVPN sports over 300,000 IP addresses, is fast, stable, and secure, and can be tested for seven days for only $0.99.

No Logs VPN

PureVPN operates without logs, which is confirmed by a third-party audit. While you can trust the service, if you seek top-rated privacy levels, you’re best off going with another service provider.

VPN for Android

PureVPN APK for Android is compatible with Android 10, Pie, Oreo, and other versions. Installable in just a few clicks, you can test the server and speeds, and partake in a free 7-day trial on Google Play.

VPN for Sport

PureVPN for Sports Streaming - Watch Sky Sports, SonyLIV, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN, BT Sport, beIN Sports, and more at great rates with over 30 countries worldwide!

Free VPN

PureVPN is not available for free, except in the testing mode of mobile applications or the moneyback format for up to 31 days, which is one day longer than most competitors.

Best VPN for Gaming

PureVPN is one of the best options for gamers: DDoS protection, lifting ISP restrictions, and optimized servers. Test for seven days and see if your gaming further improves.

Privacy and Anonymity

PureVPN is the choice of millions of users for privacy; with more than 300,000 IP addresses, a high anonymity level is ensured.

VPN for Firefox

PureVPN in Firefox offers built-in WebRTC leak protection, as well as access and streaming for 30 channels. Try a 7-day trial to see how Pure VPN works.

VPN for Safari

PureVPN for Safari doesn’t exist and can only operate by sending traffic through the client’s application. The price starts at $1.32 per month!

VPN for IE and Edge

PureVPN for IE Edge is easy to install as a client and protects all browsers. Get complete protection against IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC leaks. From $0.32 per month with a 5-year plan.

VPN for Linux / Ubuntu

PureVPN for Linux / Ubuntu is a simple command-line interface for Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS. With more than 3 million happy users, PureVPN offers up to 300,000 IP addresses and can be bought with a $1.32 promotional discount.

Best VPN for Chrome OS

PureVPN for Chrome OS - With more than 2,000 servers and 300,000 IP addresses, PureVPN provides full accessibility and easy installation from Google Play. Lastly, a 7-day trial is available for $0.99.

VPN for Router

PureVPN for Router - Download and install the PureVPN app on your DDWRT router and test it for $0.99, or buy a long term subscription starting at $1.32 monthly.

VPN For Germany

PureVPN for Germany allows you to choose the city of connection, which increases the data transfer speed: 200+ servers in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, and other cities. Available as low as $1.32 per month.

VPN for Thailand

PureVPN Thailand has 12 servers in Bangkok and many in neighboring territories. You can buy with a seasonal promotion for as little as $1.32 per month for 5 years or $10.95 per month.

Prices and Deals

PureVPN has average prices with a monthly package for $10.95, or a semi-annual plan for $8.33. The site runs monthly promotions up to $1.32 off, while refunds are guaranteed up to 31 days.

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PureVPN is a decent solution for those people who values privacy and security. It will be also useful for business travelers or digital nomads as it has servers all around the world (and it is not an exaggeration). And, of course, PureVPN is an almost perfect solution for those who likes torrenting.

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