PureVPN Review

PureVPN Service

As well as ExpressVPN Pure VPN is perfect for users that pursue high protection level while surfing the Internet and visiting foreign content with no limits.

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PureVPN: Features and Infrastructure

PureVPN has an impressive infrastructure: 141 countries, 180 locations, more than 2000 servers online. Sounds solid. On the special page you can see all the countries and all the servers available. So you can always find the server closest to you.

For those users which are looking for the fastest connection possible PureVPN offers split tunneling when you define what traffic will go through VPN and what traffic will go through your ISP.

Servers PureVPN

If you want additional layers of safety PureVPN has some useful add-ons to offer. NAT Firewall is great if you want to prevent the hacker attacks which may use the loopholes in the software of your device. NAT Firewall prevents all unauthorized outbound traffic.

One more useful feature is dedicated IP. It lets you take full control over your privacy and your reputation on the web. PureVPN has over 300,000+ IPs so you will definitely find the IP address which you need.

For enhanced security, PureVPN has elaborated DDoS protection which defeats the most complicated DDOS attacks and ensures the protection of users.

And the brand new feature from PureVPN – Virtual Router. Currently, it was implemented only for Windows application. This feature helps you to convert your computer or laptop into a virtual router and connect up to 10 devices.



PureVPN’s site is available in four languages. You can find there all necessary information about the best features of provider, pricing, servers. Everything is explained quite clear even for the beginners. The site has a simple user interface and easy navigation.

They also have a blog which contains a lot of interesting articles highlighting all the hot topics.

Supported Devices

PureVPN offers the applications for all main devices and operational systems: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS. Also, they have an extension for Google Chrome and application for routers and are compatible with Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, and gaming consoles.

PureVPN Privacy Options

This is the most attractive feature of this VPN provider. PureVPN keeps strictly no logs.

As the other info PureVPN asks for, it is:

  • name,
  • email address,
  • phone number (just for some account in some countries).

Of course, you can use some new e-mail account and enter any name while registering with PureVPN. Nobody will check. As PureVPN is registered in Hong Kong where there are no laws about mandatory data retention so all your data won’t be shared with third persons.

PureVPN takes care of your privacy even in some unpredicted situations. Internet kill switch automatically will finish the session if the VPN connection drops out.

And just one little fly in the ointment. Some users faced with IP and DNS-leaks via PureVPN. Of course, it is not a global problem but we hope that it will be fixed soon.

PureVPN Security Options

If you do care about the security of your data PureVPN will ensure the safety browsing. They offer automatic protocol selection for better security and protection for those who prefers using open Wi-Fi spots.


All PureVPN servers support five security protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2. If you are not sure what protocol to choose PureVPN application will choose the best protocol automatically for you.


PureVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption for all security protocols where it is possible (for PPTP 128-bit encryption is being used). Everything goes encrypted so all your data will unavailable for packet inspection from your ISP.

Circumvention of Restrictions

As PureVPN offers a wide choice of servers all around the world and successfully prevents data from packet inspection it will help you to overcome the geo-restrictions. But take into account that PureVPN servers are currently banned by Netflix.

PureVPN Pricing Plans

As for the price PureVPN offers 1-month subscription for $10.95, 3-months subscription for $24 ($8 per month), 1-year subscription per $39.96 ($3.33 per month). You can connect up to 5 different devices simultaneously. Also, PureVPN sometimes has discounts and limited time offers, like pay for a 1-year subscription and get the second year for free.

For each subscription package PureVPN has 31-days money-back guarantee.

As for the prices for some useful add-ons like NAT Firewall and dedicated IP they are:

  • $1.99 per month for NAT Firewall
  • $1.99 per month for dedicated IP
  • $2.99 per month for dedicated IP with DDOS protection

They have something for business owners too. For a small business they have Standard, Enhanced, and Pro pricing packages (5, 10 and 15 VPN accounts respectively). For bigger business they can offer a Custom pricing package. Prices are starting from $10.95 per month.

Monthly plans PureVPN

Payment Methods

PureVPN has the unbeatable amount of payment methods available. You can pay using a credit card, PayPal, AliPay, Bitpay, Bitcoins (and other cryptocurrencies), Cashu, gift cards, and a lot of regional payment methods (like Webmoney, Dotpay, and many others). So if you prefer to pay for the VPN anonymously PureVPN is definitely your choice.

Payment methods PureVPN

PureVPN Support

This is one of the crucial features for each VPN service and PureVPN offers great support options. You can submit the request, use 24/7 live chat, check the knowledge base (it is really huge and available even for visitors who are not registered), and read the FAQs. If this is not enough you can visit the blog where you can find information about the PureVPN updates, articles about the latest security threats and how to fight them.

P2P and Torrenting

Of course in their Terms of Service PureVPN mention that it is better not to use their services for the activities which may be perceived as copyright infringement. But as they keep no logs there is almost impossible to identify the user who uses torrents.

All PureVPN servers which allow P2P file-sharing are situated in the countries which don’t have strict copyright legislation. Such servers are marked so you can easily find them. And you can use built-in speed test to find the fastest server available.

PureVPN Speed and Performance

Numerous speed tests proved that PureVPN offers really good stable speed of the connection. Claiming to be the fastest VPN service PureVPN is trying to keep the promise. Servers have perfect uptime (99.9%), traffic is managed in the way to avoid the overloading servers.

By the way, in your PureVPN application you can see some nice graphics about your upload and download speed and the amount of traffic.


PureVPN is a decent solution for those people who values privacy and security. It will be also useful for business travelers or digital nomads as it has servers all around the world (and it is not an exaggeration). And, of course, PureVPN is an almost perfect solution for those who likes torrenting.