List of The Best VPNs - Secure and Reliable

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List of The Best VPNs - Secure and Reliable
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With more than 300 VPN service providers, finding one the outperforms and reigns supreme among the rest is a task that we appoint to no other than our best on our team. Having cross-analyzed the industry’s top 50 most popular VPN programs, we provide hidden insights and detailed ratings of the best (and worst) VPNs in 2023. Learn about the most reliable, the fastest, and the best VPNs worldwide.

From the information gathered from our reviews, you can choose the VPN that is best suited for the tasks you have at hand. Enjoy complete anonymity while being connected on the network, binge-watch the latest Netflix series or online sports broadcasts, unblock websites, and access social networks and instant messengers.

For starters, we recommend NordVPN, ExpressVPN, SurfShark, and PureVPN - all of which suit the majority of users.

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Which VPN to download?

Choosing The Best VPN

The choice of service depends on how you plan to use it: Whether you are streaming videos, playing games, or exchange large sums of data, the speed of your VPN is critical. Sometimes, VPNs have specialized servers for torrents or dedicated points for Netflix streaming; regardless, speed matters.

For the general security of personal data and preserving the confidentiality of information, advanced encryption protocols are essential, as well as long-term tariff plans (so you can get VPN for $2-3 per month).

For basic unblocking of websites and access to social networks, it may be enough to download a free VPN with traffic restrictions. Although you should be warned, there are many scam free VPNs.

Stealth protocols and traffic masking (obfuscation) are essential to bypass government censorship of the Internet and, more importantly, hide the fact that you are using a VPN. Sometimes the price may not matter at all if it is essential to bypass, for example, the Chinese Firewall. In this case you need VPN for China

You can download a useful VPN application for all your devices and protect up to 5 - 10 devices simultaneously with one license.

Download VPN for computer, smartphone, and browser extensions

You can consider downloading a single VPN for all devices. Top services support laptops, and most mobile devices offer add-ons for significant browsers, both of which are convenient and inexpensive.

VPN for PCs are usually client programs designed to protect all Internet traffic. You can download free or paid VPN on PC, Windows 10 and 7, for macOS and Linux.

There are many VPNs for Android phones. There is a vast concentration of dangerous services that gain access to the device and your personal information, so you need to choose which VPN application to download on Android carefully. VPNs for iPhones and iOs are generally smaller, but there is a choice.

VPN extensions for the browser can work together with the client or separately; you can download VPN add-ons for Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Yandex Browser, and Safari. This is a convenient option if you only need to protect web traffic.

Be careful: downloading a 100% free VPN without registration and restrictions is 100% dangerous for your privacy and device. You can always download a shareware VPN with limitations, buy a VPN with a discount, or try it free for 30-days

Our top VPN rating

  • ExpressVPN Secure and fast VPN, encrypts your network data, provides up to 6 devices simultaneously. Has apps for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS. 49% discount available
  • NordVPN - Best protection for your privacy. Over 5400 NordVPN servers in 59 countries, supports P2p and streaming services. 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Surfshark - Protects you from online threats, leaks, keeps your location private. 81% discount available for 24 months plan.
  • PureVPN - 7-day trial for only $0.99. Advanced features such as Split Tunneling, Kill Switch. Up to 10 devices simultaneously. 31-Day Money-Back Guarentee

Other VPN Services

VPN Providers Comparison

Name ExpressVPN
Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review

General information

When choosing a VPN service, it is essential to consider the country of registration. Leading services registered in countries that do not require logging and issuing these records upon request.

Jurisdiction BVI Panama Hong Kong BVI Bucharest
Dedicated/static IP
Simultaneous Connections 5 6 10 100 7

If you have many devices on which you would like to install a VPN, choose the service with the largest number of simultaneous devices as this will save you money.

Best to use for

If you need to download a VPN to bypass severe blocking, you will have fewer choices.

Works in China (stealth-servers )
Obfuscated servers
Unblocks Netflix US
Not all VPNs with stealth or obfuscated servers that are capable of operating in China. Read the reviews carefully before downloading a VPN.

Pricing and Plans

Top services usually don’t offer free VPN downloads, but instead the ability to get a refund within 30 days (this is called moneyback).

min price $6.67 $3.49 $1.32 $1.99 $2.75
max price $12.95 $11.95 $10.95 $11.95 $12.99
max discount 49% 80% 88% 83% 79%
Money back days 30 30 31 30 45
Free Version Available
BitCoin accepted
No Credit Card Trials

Before buying a long-term package (even very cheap), you should always download a VPN for a trial.

Privacy & Security

Most users do not need heavy-duty encryption, but specific individuals may find it useful:

Integrated Kill Switch
No Log Policy
DNS leak protection
Double VPN servers
256-Bit Strong Encryption
Onion Over VPN
Split Tunneling

Even if VPN claims it does not keep logs, this is not always true. To keep yourself safe, download the VPNs recommended in our selection.

Servers and Speed

Not all services support P2P Torrenting, but you can download a fast and reliable VPN for torrenting and take advantage of other features.

Servers Number 300 5215+ 2000+ 1040 5900+
Servers in Countries 94 59 180+ 64 90+
Blocks Ads
Bandwidth Caps
p2p Torrenting

The number of countries is usually not so significant. Everyone has the central European, American, and Asian servers, but the load on them and the work speed depends on the number of servers.

Customer Support

It is imperative that technical support is adequate and can quickly solve connection problems:


It is especially vital to download a VPN with 24/7 technical support for countries with a strict regime, for example, for China, Turkey, or the UAE, so that they can help you connect when blocking.

Platforms and Devices

Convenient when you can download VPN for all your devices and any platforms:


If you have many devices, you can protect them by downloading the VPN to your router.

Browser Extensions

Most providers offer to download the VPN extension only for Chrome and Firefox, but you can configure a proxy in any browser if you wish. Or install a client program and route browser traffic through it.


Caution: Many VPN browser extensions are, in fact, proxies and insecure.


1. ExpressVPN

Price Range: $6.67 - $12.95. Special offer: $99.95 for 15 months

Money-Back: 30-day free trial

Devices: up to 5

Devices: Apple TV, Fire TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Routers

Platforms: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux


Express is the de facto leader in the VPN app sector. It has over 3000 servers spread across 94 countries, providing you truly global coverage. The customer support at Express is better than its counterparts. It can stream Amazon Prime, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and provide you the fastest browsing speeds among its peers. It is easy to use, and download and installation take less than 4 minutes. It breaks the toughest geoblocks, including China, with ease and provides quick browsing, streaming, and downloading as well.

It is based in a privacy-friendly location and has a strict no-logs policy that keeps your browsing data and history safe from prying eyes. The VPN works best for global streaming services and makes torrenting speeds faster. It provides DNS on each server and follows 256-bit AES encryption as well. Combined with an AES 256-bit cipher that comes with SHA-512 HMAC authentication and 4096-bit RSA key. Plans start at $6.67 per month.


Best For ExpressVPN is the best for accessing online streaming services from anywhere fast and secure. Compatible with: Amazon FireStick, Kodi, Roku, PlayStation
Price & Specials $12.95/mo. or 15 mo. at $6.67/mo (49% off). Try it 100% risk free, 30-day money-back.
Platforms iOS, Android, Windows, MacOs, TV & Devices, Routers, Gaming Consoles
Support 24/7 Chat, Email Support.
Extensions Chrome, FF
Security & Protocols Strong 256-bit AES encryption.
Tech. Unlimited speeds, servers in 94 countries, more than 160 locations. 5 devices simultaneously

Try ExpressVPN now and get our special offer!

Save 49% Price from $6.67

2. NordVPN

Price Range: $3.49 - $11.95. Special offer: 2-year deal with 68% off

Money-Back: 30-day free trial


Devices: Firestick, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi, Chromebook, Chromecast

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS


NordVPN is one of the most popular VPNs on the market. You can get this free VPN on your Android, iPhone, and desktop. It has 5,400 servers across the world and comes with the best in class security features as well. It provides an automatic kill switch that shuts your access to the internet as soon as the VPN shield is down. The Panama-based firm keeps you away from prying eyes and helps you get great streaming and download speeds. It bypasses IP throttling and provides access to Netflix and Amazon Prime from almost any country of your choice.

It follows a no-logs policy which provides you better security than a free VPN. It has dedicated P2P servers providing better security and privacy. It allows you to get extra protection with double IP and Onion over a VPN. It can support six devices at once and provides a 30-day money-back guarantee as well. Plans start at $3.39 per month.


Best For NordVPN saves your privacy online. Special Soft available for business. Strict no-logs policy
Price & Specials $11.95 mo. 2 year plan available just for $3.71 mo. 68% off. 30-day money-back guarantee
Platforms Native apps for all platforms(iPhone, Android, Win, Mac, Linux, Routers)
Support Instant response for any problem. 247 email and liveChat support.
Extensions FireFox,Chrome
Security & Protocols ultra-fast NordLynx
Tech. 59 countries, 5400 servers. Double VPN available

Try NordVPN now!

Save 80% Price from $3.49

3. PureVPN

Price Range: $1.32 - $10.95. Special offer: 7-day trial for only $0.99

Money-Back: 31-day free trial

Devices: 10

Devices: Routers, Android TV, Amazon FireStick, Microsoft Surface

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox


If you like accessing streaming platforms from different counties, then PureVPN is the right choice for you. Though this app is not the fastest among its peers, it could easily stream Hulu, Netflix, HBO GO, and BBC iPlayer in HD. The encryption protocol of the service is also not as strong as its peers, and the customer service is not as good as others. However, it is a relatively cheap option with plans starting at $1.99 per month.

Increasing your encryption will be detrimental to your speed. However, when it comes to streaming, PureVPN works well because of its specialized servers for popular websites. You can select a specialized server for a specific website from the app. The Hong Kong-based firm focuses extensively on privacy protection and lies outside the 14-Eyes jurisdiction. It also claims to have a strict no-logs policy for the users. It can also break the Chinese internet firewall.


Best For Watching online streaming services from anywhere. No more Geo-Restrictions.
Price & Specials 7-day trial just for $0.99 or $10.95/mo. Billed monthly. 31-day money-back guarantee
Platforms ‎Apps For All Devices include Chrome cast, Xbox, Roku, Kodi
Support 24/7 Customer Support
Extensions Chrome, FireFox
Security & Protocols P2P, 256-AES encryption
Tech. 2000+ VPN Servers Online in 140+ Countries. Advanced features like: Dedicated IP, Port Forwarding , DDos Protection

Now work, binge & stay secure online with PureVPN

Save 88% Price from $1.32

4. Surfshark

Price Range: $1.99 - $11.95. Special offer: Get 81% discount

Money-Back: 30-day free trial


Devices:Android TV, FireTV

Platforms: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, Chrome


SurfShark is another reliable and high-speed VPN service provider. It is also one of the cheapest products on the market. If you are unhappy with a free VPN but don’t want to spend a fortune on a paid VPN product, then SurfShark should be the app of your choice. It provides you high-speed servers that allow you to stream in high definition. It also comes with a CleanWeb adblocker, which helps people in avoiding midroll ads in video streaming platforms like YouTube.

It comes with high-speed connections as well, which can go up to 14.52 Mbps upload and 40.92 Mbps download. SurfShark provides P2P sharing, which makes torrenting very speedy. It has industry-standard 256-bit encryption as well and follows a strict no-logs policy. It also provides IP and DNS leak protection. It also works well with P2P clients. It also provides you double VPN protection, which keeps your browsing data safe.


Best For Surf Shark VPN helps you to access any content from everywhere. Bypass Geo-blocking
Price & Specials Starts at $2.49/mo. ($59.76 billed annually), $12.95/mo. Billed every month.
Platforms Mac,Linux, Windows, iOs, Android
Support Live Chat available 24/7.
Extensions Chrome, FireFox
Security & Protocols It blocks ads, trackers, malware. SerfShark has a MultiHop feature that connects you to multiple countries for more protection.
Tech. Connect Unlimited devices simultaneously, AES-256-GCM encryption. Hiding your real IP address

Protect your digital life.

Save 83% Price from $1.99

5. CyberGhost

Price Range: $2.75- $12.99. Special offer: 3 extra months for FREE

Money-Back: 45-day free trial

Devices: 7

Devices: Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, Android TV, Routers

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux


The best VPN in terms of customer loyalty. After installing the client on a PC, you can test it free for 24 hours. Additionally, you are protected by the longest money-back guarantee in the industry (45-day 100% money-back guarantee).

Other service features include simultaneous connection of up to 7 devices, no logging, and protection from DNS and IP leaks. When the connection is disconnected, the Kill Switch function is triggered, blocking the drain of the client's personal information.


Enjoy a fast and reliable VPN

Save 79% Price from $2.75

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Can a paid VPN be downloaded for free?

All suggestions to download a cracked or hacked VPN from torrents, keys, codes, cracks, mods, and more are usual tricks employed by scammers. Either this is a trial version, or it won't work, and you run the risk of installing viruses or spyware on your device along with the jailbroken program.

Where to download a VPN?

It is always worth downloading a VPN from the provider's official website. There are partner sites that the user can receive an additional discount that is worth checking out!

What is better to download, Nord VPN, or ExpressVPN?

We recommend downloading the Nord VPN for most daily tasks and universal use based on our test results. They have affordable tariff plans while Express VPN is slightly more expensive (but it is more suitable for countries with strict Internet control). Each of them can be tested for free for 30 days using the moneyback scheme.

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      When using an eSIM with a VPN, users can access the internet securely and privately, no matter where they are in the world. This can be especially beneficial for business travelers who need to access sensitive company data. Read more about esim for travelers here:

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    What's the Best VPN for Torrenting?

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