Top 5 tools for ​​Testing Internet Speed

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Top 5 tools for ​​Testing Internet Speed

Speed Testing services help you determine the incoming and outgoing network speed and test ping for nearby and remote servers. With their help, users check the network bandwidth declared by the provider or search for a suitable region to connect in online games.

Basic Parameters

Regardless of the selected test, a connection’s strength is measured according to three core parameters:

  • Download Speed - indicates the throughput when receiving information from the network. Primarily, it applies to both the download of files and the time it takes to load the video.
  • Upload Speed - is the amount of information transmitted to the network. Generally, outgoing speeds are less than incoming (uploading) speeds, sometimes up to a 9x difference.
  • Ping - measures the time in which the user received a response from the server after requesting information. They are measured in milliseconds, and the lower your ping, the better. Online players often suffer from increased ping - the character performs the specified action with a delay, it is impossible to follow the course of the match without jerks and lags.
In order to attract users, service owners add more functions, such as measuring the speed for a specified time or checking the signal quality.

What to Do at Low Speeds

If the speed is lower than the one stated by the provider, then before contacting the service provider, try:

  • Restarting the Wi-Fi router
  • Checking startup with installed programs on the PC that can run from the operating system and download updates
  • Temporarily disable VPN clients (they encrypt internet traffic for devices), or add the browser to exceptions, and then conduct a test
  • Limit the number of simultaneous connections to the access point
  • Check the device for viruses
  • Connect computer or laptop directly via cable

When none of the above helps, contact your provider.

Express and NordVPN have the smallest speed drop among VPN clients for Windows and Mac.

5 Best Internet Speed Testing Services for Internet Speed Tests

We’ve simplified the process of finding the best testing services for internet speed tests. Below you’ll find the core advantages and disadvantages of the five best worldwide internet speed testing services.

Speedtest by Okla

Okla’s Speedtest is industry-renowned as one of the best internet speed test services with 14,677 trial servers worldwide. In addition to basic checks, users can discover their IP address, select a point to check, use multiple or single connections. In the settings, choose the type of speed measurement (between Mbps and Kbps).

Ookla Insights

In addition to the web version, the service client is available for download on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, and AppleTV. Additional features include a 5G network coverage map, a global network performance index, and the ability to contact a company to build enterprise solutions with maximum performance.

The only drawback of the service can be integrated advertising, which insignificantly but still affects the final indicators. Any ADB disables all banners. is second on the list for the best Internet speed test services in terms of functionality. They offer separate tests of the outgoing, incoming speed, and the latency of the response from the server and a combined option. The exclusive feature of their service is that it works based on HTML5 and PHP without involving Java, which makes its results as accurate as possible.

The primary problem of the project is the small number of servers to check and their location. A total of 12 points are available for connection, five of which are in the USA and two in Europe.

The results obtained are comparable with the national average.

Bandwidth Place

Bandwidth Place is a semi-reliable service for checking Internet speed from Speedtest. After starting the test, the user receives basic information about the connection, can find out his IP, provider and select 1 of 52 servers for testing (located in the USA, Europe, Canada, and Asia).

Bandwidth Test

There are no additional settings - instead, there are tips on how to speed up the connection or how different types of network access differ. Additional functions include viewing previously obtained results and the ability to share those results.

You can find out about the fastest devices (platform and operating system) in their service header.

The Fast resource belongs to Netflix, an American company, and is primarily designed to determine how the available speed is suitable for launching videos on the streaming service of the same name. During the test, the optimal servers are chosen close to the client’s current location (determined by the IP address).


The difference from other projects is the definition of ping for loading and output from servers. Having visited the settings, set the number of parallel connections and the maximum and minimum testing duration.

There are no ads in the service, which has a positive effect on the final results.

A simple service for checking Internet speed. After starting the test, your speed connection will be analyzed for download speed, upload speed, and responsiveness. Those who frequently check their network will have access to the history of all visits to the site and are invited to share the results on social networks.


While you can compare previous test results, you will not be able to select another server or download the client program, as there are no such functions.

Speed tests cannot be performed until the user accepts cookies.
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