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VPN for Canada

Canada does not impose strict government censorship on the Internet. Unlike as seen in Turkey or China, however, every year, more and more Canadians install VPNs for Canada to anonymously surf the web and network while using their phones and PCs.

Most locals wish to unblock inaccessible programs while mitigating their government’s surveillance. Under current Canadian laws, ISPs can record all your online actions then sell that data to marketers. Expats wish to access Canadian shows and Netflix channels while immigrants lack access to sites and content once available to them in their homeland.

A fast and secure VPN can quickly solve all these problems for Canada - Nord VPN. At an affordable price, it is convenient to use it all the time on all your devices.

The Best VPN for Canada

#1. ExpressVPN - ExpressVPN Canada provides access to high-speed servers and Canadian IP addresses in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Watch hockey and sporting events without buffering from anywhere in the world.

#2. NordVPN - NordVPN for Canada - 475 Servers, P2P, Double VPN, and Masking. Get a Canadian IP to access content from Canada and take advantage of up to 65% discount!

#3. PureVPN - PureVPN for Canada - Connect to 60 servers in 3 locations and get a Canadian IP address. Participate with a trial version for five devices for only $0.99 and be protected with a 31-day moneyback guarantee.

How to get the IP address of Canada

Changing your IP to Canadian is necessary to gain access to Canadian Netflix and other local channels, as well as anyone who wants to maintain the privacy of their online activities. However, it is convenient to connect to a VPN in the same country where you are, to the nearest VPN server in Ottawa, Quebec, Edmonton, Montreal, etc. to reduce deceleration.

There are VPNs registered in Canada - TunnelBear, SurfEasy, Opera VPN, but they are subject to the country’s laws. It is better to download a VPN for Canada registered in another country, and almost every provider has servers in Canada.

Free Canadian VPNs

Sure, you can get a VPN for Canada for free and change your IP to a Canadian one - but with entirely free unlimited VPNs, it's dangerous. You won't be able to torrent without risk, connect to Netflix US, and your information will be collected and sold by VPN providers. Shareware VPNs for Canada are better and safer. Still, they are usually limited in speed, traffic, and the number of servers (in Canada, however, almost everyone has it) - again, torrenting and streaming will not be available.

Canada’s residents are better off installing a good quality VPN, albeit a paid one, but inexpensive, which will unblock any content, and traffic and speed will be unlimited.

1. ExpressVPN

The best VPN for US Netflix in Canada is ExpressVPN, and it is the most user-friendly VPN for routers. Connect to Canadian Nord VPN servers, and you won't notice a drop in speed even with heavyweight apps. Access content from more than 90 countries and unblock streaming providers like Hulu, HBO Go, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video. Servers do not store logs, which leaves your data completely safe.

  • Up to 5 Devices At Once
  • Best VPN for Streaming in Canada
  • Complete Privacy
  • For just $6.67 / month

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is the best VPN for Canada in terms of value for money for consistent use. There are many servers with Canadian IPs and 58 other countries with available connections. There are dedicated servers for P2P, and users are protected from surveillance and interference in their traffic: 100% no logs, powerful tools to protect the connection. Nord VPN Canada apps are available for iPhone, Android, PC, Chrome, Firefox, and other platforms.

  • Support up to 6 devices simultaneously
  • Suitable for streaming video
  • Server in Canada
  • Starts as low as $3.71 per month

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Can I torrent with a VPN in Canada?
Yes, if the VPN provider allows torrents (not everyone does this). Choose a VPN with KillSwitch, which will break the download if the VPN connection is lost. Your ISP won't limit your streaming speed if you use a VPN.
Are VPNs Legal in Canada?
Fully legal, there is no law prohibiting the use of VPNs in Canada.
Is a VPN required in Canada?
Not if you don't mind collecting your data and don't need to unblock the content. All major sites are available anyway; no blocking sites and VPN providers’ applications are not blocked.

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