On their site SaferVPN says that they have 400+ servers in 30 countries. As those countries are situated all over the world it means that you will always find the server which fits you the best.

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Features and Infrastructure

Among the features of the SaferVPN, we can highlight free unlimited extension for Google Chrome. It lets you enable VPN instantly and ensures private browsing.

One more feature which ensures private browsing is automatic Wi-Fi security. You can enable SaferVPN application with one click and use open Wi-Fi network securely.

All SaferVPN applications automatically detect and solve any issues and fix them. This is the perfect solution for people which already started using VPN service.

SaferVPN Features



The site of SaferVPN supports 13 languages, but some pages may lack the translation. It contains all necessary information, including Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. The site looks vivid and up-to-date, it includes testimonials from users and blog which is updated regularly. Some little usability issues don’t influence overall positive impression.

Applications are simple and easy to install and use. They are understandable enough for beginners and provide necessary settings for those who prefers to customize VPN for own comfort and ease.

Supported Devices

SaferVPN has the applications for the main operating systems and devices. It offers applications for Windows and MacOS, Android and iOS. If you prefer full coverage you may like VPN routers which will provide VPN connection for all devices at your house.

Of course, SaferVPN lacks the support of popular smart TVs and game consoles like Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, PS4, but the support of the main devices and OS is good.  Both Android and iOS applications have good ratings and overall positive reviews. All software from SaferVPN is quite simple and easy to use.

Privacy options

On the homepage of their site, SaferVPN states that no logs are kept and traffic is not monitored. But if you will read their Privacy Policy you will find that some information is collected. Among such information are:

  • the IP address of your server,
  • the IP address of the VPN server you’ve used,
  • the amount of data which was uploaded and downloaded,
  • the time stamp when you’ve connected the VPN server and when you’ve disconnected.

Also, the data may be disclosed for example in order to comply with any legal obligation (as it stated in Privacy Policy). Taking into account that Safer VPN is registered in the Israel it means that your private information will be safe from hackers but not from the authorities.

Security options

SaferVPN has all necessary functionalities for the security of their users. On their site is mentioned that they have VPN kill switch, and as is was proved in practice they have DNS and IP leaks protections.


SaferVPN offers four security protocols for its users: IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, Open VPN, PPTP. You can choose any of them or use an automatic option which will use the most convenient protocol. Last option is perfect for beginners and non-techie people at all.


Basically, the level of encryption depends on security protocol you’re using. The highest level of encryption (AES 256-Bit encryption) for IKEv2 and OpenVPN security protocols. As for L2TP/IPSec and PPTP for them are being used AES 128-bit for the first and MPPE 128-bit for the last.

Pricing plans

SaferVPN has 24-hours free trial plan. You may say that one day is not enough to evaluate all pros and cons, but SaferVPN goes further and all pricing plans come with a 14-day money back guarantee. They will return your money without any questions. This sounds perfect as almost no VPN providers offer both free trial and money back guarantee.

As for pricing plans, SaferVPN offers Basic pricing plan (2 devices can be connected simultaneously), Premium pricing plan (you can connect simultaneously up to 5 devices) and various business plans (for 10 devices, for 20 devices and custom plan).

As for prices for Basic plan 1-month subscription costs $ 11.99, 1-year subscription costs $ 71.90 ($ 5.99 per month).  During limited time offer you can also purchase a 2-year subscription for $ 83.74 ($ 3.49 per month).

As for prices for Premium plan 1-month subscription costs $ 12.98, 1-year subscription costs $ 119.90 ($ 9.99 per month). During limited time offer you can also purchase a 2-year subscription for $ 129.95 ($ 5.42 per month).

Of course, SaferVPN often introduces other lucrative offers with reduced prices so are welcome to try it for free and then purchase the subscription. And if you are the owner of small business SaferVPN offers the pricing plans which will suit your needs.

SaferVPN Pricing

Payment methods

You can pay for the subscription using credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoins, and other regional payment methods like Alipay, Webmoney, etc. The set of payment methods is typical for VPN providers and combines usual methods with those which help you to keep your privacy.

SaferVPN Payment methods


SaferVPN offers a wide range of support options. For instant support, you can always use chat on the site which even doesn’t require a login. On their site, you will find quick start guides for the main operating systems and devices, troubleshooting guide, FAQs, and other useful information. Also, you can contact them via e-mail or submit a ticket. Support is online 24/7 and responds relatively quickly.

If you check SaferVPN reviews, you’ll see that most users appreciate the fast support but mention that complicated technical issues took more time to resolve.

P2P and Torrenting

Though in their Terms of Service SaferVPN highlighted that services could not be used for transmitting content which infringes copyrights, all torrent trackers are working and the connection provides stable speed for torrenting. But there a few things to know about.

As SaferVPN is located in the Israel and claims the respect for the USA copyright laws (a country which is very sensitive towards copyrights) and keeps some connections logs which may be enough to identify you it is not advised to use this provider for torrenting. If you still want to torrent using SaferVPN you should know that this can be done only using Netherlands server under OpenVPN protocol.


Ookla speed tests have proved that SaferVPN provides fairly good speed and ping for all its servers. Of course, some distant locations had high ping but this is quite understandable. Usually, the loss of speed is not more than 7%.


SaferVPN doesn’t impress with the number of servers offered or the range of devices supported but it provides good service for the reasonable price (during the limited-time offers the price becomes more lucrative).

This VPN service is not the best choice for torrenting but provides good security (especially if prefer using public Wi-Fi spots) and reliable speed for reaching geo-restricted sites.

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