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VPN for Singapore

Singapore is one of the most developed Asian countries. But the high level of using technologies is combined with restrictions on people's’ rights and freedoms. Some sites with inappropriate content are banned. That is why in Singapore VPN is a must if you want to enjoy internet surfing safety and without restrictions. Maybe you even don’t like explicit content but it should be your own free choice whether to access such sites.

VPN Singapore and Your Online Security

One more reason of using VPN Singapore is the fact that this country has or of the strictest copyright legislation in the world. In the beginning of 2016, several Singapore citizens have received the lawsuits for downloading popular movie. Such emails seemed as an attempt of scum but they were real. Singapore authorities advocate zero tolerance for those who infringes copyrights.

VPN Singapore and Your Online SecurityAnd last but not the least reason for using VPN service Singapore is the fact that the number of cyber crimes in this country is growing from one year to the next. Development of the high-tech brings not only strengths but vulnerabilities also.

As a lot of Singapore citizens have mobile devices and connect them on-the-go to open Fi-Wi spots VPN Singapore will help to prevent the loss of private or sensitive data.

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ExpressVPN  Review

The main reason why you may need VPN in Singapore are the internet restrictions imposed by the government. ExpressVPN in Singapore will provide you with an unlimited access to all blocked sites. ExpressVPN offers a wide choice of servers near Singapore (if you want to get the fastest connection ever) or all over the world if you want to reach geo-restricted content.

ExpressVPN will ensure the smooth and pleasant surfing when you will get everything you want from the internet. And it keeps no logs so nobody will know what exactly you were looking for.

Choose your ExpressVPN plan:

  1 month 6 month 12 month + 3 free
Price $12.95 $9.99 per month, billed $59.95 every 6 months $6,67 per month, billed $99.95 every 12 months
You Save - 23% 49%

How to Choose Best VPN for Singapore

Here the features of good reliable VPN which will help you to surf worldwide web safety.

Enhanced Privacy Settings

Enhanced Privacy SettingsIf you are looking for the best VPN in Singapore which will take excellent care of your privacy you should check whether this service keeps users’ logs. Reliable VPN providers usually guarantee strictly zero logs policy. Also, you should check the location of the VPN provider.For your privacy, it will be better if the provider will be located in the country with privacy-friendly legislation. It means that your personal data will be safe.

Of course, enhanced privacy settings should cover and some unpredictable situations. For example, if your VPN connection suddenly drops out kill switch will close all your current sessions in a moment.

Also, good VPN provider should offer protection from DNS leaks and IP leaks.

And don’t forget about payment methods. Check if your VPN provider offers payment with Bitcoins or gift cards.


Nord VPN Review

“What we usually want from VPN provider? Fast connections, wide choice of servers, zero logs policy and all this for a reasonable price. All this is NordVPN. Singapore users appreciate its speed, wide choice of servers and privacy protection features.

“NordVPN is perfect for overcoming censorship. It has 3518 servers in 61 countries, so you can easily spoof your IP and get the access to all content you want. And nobody will know: NordVPN offers automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection keeping no logs about your online activities.

Wide Network of Servers

Wide Network of ServersThis is very important if you need VPN for circumvention of content geo-restrictions. Perfect VPN provider usually offers a good choice of servers all over the world with reserve servers to replace overloaded ones. Furthermore, servers in Singapore and Hong-Kong will be quite useful too when you’ll decide to visit some local sites using a mobile device and open Wi-Fi spot.

VPN provider Simultaneous connections VPN locations
ExpressVPN 3 1500 servers in 94 countries
NordVPN 6 2048 servers in 60 countries
VyprVPN 5 700 servers in 65 countries
HideMyAss 2 850 servers in 190 countries

Fast Speed and Unlimited Bandwidth

Actually, it is important for all kinds of online activities but for online streaming, gaming and torrenting it is crucial. Currently, all reliable VPN providers offer good powerful servers which ensure the fast connection. Anyway, you can google the reviews about your VPN provider and see whether it is fast enough.

As for bandwidth, all VPN services from the table above don’t have any restrictions. VPN providers understand the main purposes of using virtual private networks so they don’t restrict your possibilities to stream high-quality video or to torrent.



This internet provider was originally created for those who want to circumvent censorship and bypass government restrictions. For Singapore, VyprVPN offers a variety of server locations (North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Central America, South America, Middle East, Africa – all you may need in one place).

Among other perks, VyprVPN offers VyprDNS which is their own zero-knowledge DNS, Chameleon technology (gives no chance to deep package inspection or VPN blocking), their own fast servers with unlimited server switching.

Security Features

Security FeaturesThis is what you have to check if you are going to use VPN for security on your mobile and desktop devices.

The main thing is what VPN protocol is being used (the best choice is OpenVPN but for the desktop you can use SSTP or L2TP/IPsec). Also, check the encryption algorithm: for reliable VPN provider it should be not weaker than AES 256-bit.

Friendly Support

It is quite important feature, especially for newbies and non-techy people. Responsive friendly support team will help you to get a positive experience of using VPN, will tackle all your problems, will help to choose the best options for your needs.

FAQs about VPN Singapore

Is VPN service being legal in Singapore?
Yes, VPN is completely legal in Singapore. You are allowed to buy a subscription for VPN services and how you will use this subscription it depends on you.
What VPN to choose for secure torrenting?
As you might have known Singapore has quite strict copyright legislation. That is why if you want to torrent safely it is better to choose VPN provider which has zero logs policy, offers a wide choice of servers, fast speed, and unlimited bandwidth. Also, check whether your VPN provider allows P2P file-sharing and torrenting. If you want to know more about the best VPNs for torrenting you can visit our page VPN for Torrenting
Will VPN ensure my anonymity in the web?
VPN per se doesn’t guarantee full online anonymity. Just because your VPN provider may know your real IP address and your browsing history. But you can use VPN as one of the means of ensuring anonymity. For example, some VPN providers (like NordVPN) offer Onion over VPN for better privacy. Also, pay attention to the payment methods which VPN provider offers. They should include Bitcoins and gift cards. If VPN provider offers payment in cash – that is really great.
I have heard about Singapore free VPN. Can I use it?
You can use free VPN just for one purpose: to get acquainted with VPN service without any payment. But if you want to use VPN for privacy, or for circumventing content geo-restrictions, or for torrenting free VPN won’t be helpful. In most cases, free VPN services offer a limited number of servers and limited bandwidth. Also, free VPNs usually don’t care much about the privacy and security of their users. They may even keep your logs and sell all information about your browsing history to internet marketers.

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