VyprVPN is one of the flagship products of the Golden Frog company which was created for protecting the privacy of Internet users.

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VyprVPN: Features and Infrastructure

It is registered in Switzerland which has one of the most privacy-friendly legislations. As an example, we can say that even IP address of the user is considered a private information which should not be disclosed.

VyprVPN interface
VyprVPN interface
VyprVPN interface
VyprVPN interface
VyprVPN interface

Another product of the Golden Frog is called Cyphr and it is encrypted messenger application for iOS and Android. This messenger allows you to adjust your privacy settings according to your needs.

As for the infrastructure, VyprVPN offers its own infrastructure which is safer and more reliable. For example, they manage their own VPN servers. Moreover, all the code for VyprVPN and all networking facilities was also created by their own IT-engineers. It means that no third party is involved and all data are safe and the privacy of users is kept properly.

The server network of VyprVPN looks impressive: it offers more than 70 worldwide locations, more than 700 servers and more than 200 000 IP addresses. So you will always find the server which will suite your needs.

One of the most impressive features of VyprVPN is their Chameleon protocol. It is available only for Premium pricing package. This security protocol is based on Chameleon technology from VyprVPN specialists which encode Open VPN metadata in such way that it is not recognizable via deep packet inspection. So VyprVPN users are able to circumvent the restrictions of governments and ISPs.

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And one more useful feature which offers VyprVPN is NAT Firewall. It blocks all unrequested inbound traffic while you are using VPN thus preventing the attempts of hackers and bots to stole your identity or your login credentials.


Our Score
Security & Privacy 8,3
Speed 7,1
Number Of Servers 7,7
Ease of Use 8,2
Customer Service 7,5

VyprVPN Usability


VyprVPN doesn’t have its own site. The site of the Golden Frog is dedicated to their two main products: VyprVPN and Cyphr. There are eight languages which are currently available on the site. On their community board you can find that they create translations for other languages.

The site is quite easy to use; all information is clear. It provides information about their features, main advantages and main reasons to use VPN. You can chat, and read forum and guidelines even without registration.

Supported Devices

VyprVPN offers applications for Windows and Mac, Android and iOS. For mobile apps, VyprVPN provides the possibility to choose for what applications to enable VPN connections.


Supporting OS Version
Windows + Vista and higher
Mac + OSX 10.9 and higher
Linux + Ubuntu
Android + Android 4.0 and higher
iOS + iOS 9 and higher
Blackphone + Silent OS
TV + Android TV, OpenELEC/Kodi, Apple TV
Anonabox +  
QNAP +  
DD-WRT   +  
OpenWRT +  
Boxee   +  
Synology NAS   +  
Blackberry +  

If you need VPN for watching some geo-restricted content like TV shows or TV series VyprVPN offers its solutions for Android TV, for OpenELEC/Kodi, for Apple TV. If you have another smart TV supplier, you can use the solutions for routers.

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As for some interesting custom solutions, VyprVPN has the software for Blackphone. This smartphone which based on Silent OS is famous for its security and privacy. Also, VyprVPN offers custom solutions for Anonabox and QNAP.

All applications are quite simple and have a good rating on Google Play Market and AppStore.


VyprVPN Privacy Options

VyprVPN keeps some connection logs for 30 days. Among such data are:

  • the IP address of the user;

  • the VPN IP address used by the user;
  • the timestamps of the beginning and the end of VPN connection;
  • the total number of bytes used.

Also, data which identifies the user may be provided to law enforcement agencies. That is why VyprVPN is not the best choice if you do care about own privacy. Of course, after 30 days your data will be unavailable but who knows what may happen.

The positive moment is the fact that VyprVPN is registered in Switzerland so it is not the subject of European data retention laws.

VyprVPN Security Options

VyprVPN offers all necessary features for the secure browsing. They have their own zero-knowledge VyprDNS which ensure security and privacy of the data. Also, VyprDNS helps to defeat internet censorship and get access to restricted content.

One more interesting feature is NAT Firewall. It blocks all unrequested inbound traffic while you are using VPN. And, of course, VyprVPN provides DNS and IP leaks protection for their users.


Country Switzerland
Does VPN keep logs Partially
Bitcoin Acceptance No
Own DNS Servers Yes
Kill Switch Yes


As for security protocols, VyprVPN offers a wide choice of them depending on your device. You can use OpenVPN if is supported by your device. Or you can choose L2TP/IPsec protocol if your device doesn’t support OpenVPN. As for PPTP, it is supported also but it is not recommended to use if you have any other solutions available.

And of course, we should mention Chameleon protocol which is a completely unique product developed by VyprVPN. It lets users circumvent all restriction walls from their ISPs or governments.


VyprVPN uses the maximum level of encryption which is possible for each security protocol. So they are using 128-bit encryption for PPTP and 256-bit encryption for OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and Chameleon.


Circumvention of Restrictions

The thing that users like VyprVPN for are that it helps to get access to restricted content. Chameleon protocol helps to get access to world wide web even from China (by the way VyprVPN provides on its site detailed instructions how to do it). Also, VyprVPN helps you to avoid traffic throttling from your ISP. If you are looking for the VPN provider which ensures access to Netflix, VyprVPN can be your choice.

VyprVPN Pricing Plans

As for the VyprVPN prices, it offers Pro pricing plan and Premium pricing plan. The price of the Pro pricing plan is $5 if it is billed annually and $9.95 if it is billed monthly. The price of the Premium pricing plan is $6.67 if it is billed annually and $12.95 if it is billed monthly.

VyprVPN offers 3-day free trial without any possibility for a refund. For starting a free trial, you need to enter the data of your credit card.

If you are the business owner VyprVPN has something to offer: VyprVPN for Business and VyprVPN for Business Cloud pricing plans. Both of them offer dedicated managers and business servers for the price starting from $299 per year.

Vypr VPN Prices

Payment Methods

There is not a wide choice of payment options offered by VyprVPN. You can pay with credit card, Alipay, and PayPal. There is obviously the lack of payment methods which can ensure anonymity.

Vypr Payment Methods

VyprVPN Support

VyprVPN claims that support is available 24/7. They have live chat, contact form, guidelines for different devices and frequently asked questions. As VyprVPN was created for serving the needs of the internet community its founders are still trying to be open towards new ideas and suggestions. That is why on their site you can add your idea or submit a feature request, take part in translating their apps into different languages or ask help from community forum.

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P2P and Torrenting

P2P is not supported by VyprVPN. As for torrenting it is also prohibited. It is clearly stated in their Terms of Service that “copyright, trademark, and patent infringement” is prohibited. And there were cases when accounts of people were blocked for torrenting. Taking into account that VyprVPN does keep some connection logs this VPN provider is not suitable for torrenting.

VyprVPN Speed and Performance

As VyprVPN as 1-st Tier networks with a wide choice of servers which allows users to select the server which will ensure the maximum of possible speed. If you’re experiencing traffic throttling from your ISP you may even get the better speed while using VyprVPN.


VyprVPN is great for people which do care about their security and privacy. It provides all necessary layers of defense making your data safe and sound. But VyprVPN is not suitable for torrenting and P2P file-sharing as their owners are strictly against any copyright violations.



I have never faced with the situation when the connection was last


VyprVPN is great! It is very efficient and fast. It connects simply and fast and moreover provides the very reliable connection. I’ve been using it for 3 months and have never (really, never) faced with the situation when the connection was last or dropped.


I’ve chosen VyprVPN because of its Chameleon protocol


I’ve chosen VyprVPN because of its Chameleon protocol. It provides a reliable service and Chameleon covers you perfectly. Nobody will be able to track your activity and see what you’re doing online. The best choice for the countries which have a lot of governmental restrictions.