Best VPN for Gaming

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Best VPN for Gaming

Benefits of using a VPN for gaming

Why should you use a VPN for gaming? Here are at least 5 reasons to try a VPN:

  • Remove regional gaming restrictions by connecting to any country or region worldwide.
  • Remove bandwidth or high-speed traffic limits from your ISP. If the provider cannot monitor your network browsing, the provider cannot justify restricting you.
  • DDoS protection by hiding your real IP address.
  • Buying games is cheaper (you can save tens of dollars).
  • Reduced ping if you choose a VPN server close to the location of the game servers.

The best VPNs for Android and iOS games like NordVPN have ad blocking functionality. Just try to focus your attention on gaming, not on other distractions (which are still bound to come). The best VPNs for PC gaming can disable background apps that are using the network, which helps improve data transfer speeds. Some VPN gives a 30-day trial for gamers

List of the best VPN for Gaming

#1. ExpressVPN - ExpressVPN for Gaming supports up to 5 devices simultaneously and provides a MediaStreamer feature for unbuffered access to content. Available across 94 countries, helping reduce ping.

#2. NordVPN - NordVPN for gaming is ranked # 1 by Tech Advisor. Guaranteed protection against DDOS attacks with optimized servers in locations near game servers.

#3. PureVPN - PureVPN is one of the best options for gamers: DDoS protection, lifting ISP restrictions, and optimized servers. Test for seven days and see if your gaming further improves.

#4. Surfshark - Surfshark VPN for games performs the same tasks as top providers: protection against DDoS, slowdown, choosing a location closer to the zones of game servers. Try from $1.99 per month!

#5. CyberGhost - CyberGhost for Gaming offers detailed instructions for connecting in a variety of ways. Try 1 day for free or buy the package for $12.99 per month that comes with a 14-day return policy.

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How to use a gaming VPN

The process is very simple and it only takes you a few minutes to launch the game over the VPN:

  • Register and download the VPN from the site for your devices.
  • Install VPN by running the setup file (as you normally would).
  • Launch the app and select the country to connect. Try to always choose the server that is closest to you.
  • Launch the game on the PC or the game app on the phone.
  • Check the speed, you may need to change several servers to reduce latency.
  • If VPN does not suit you, contact technical support. You will either be helped to solve the problem (they will suggest the best combination of server and protocol), or they will return the money (if there is such an opportunity).

Always turn on the game VPN first, establish a connection, then launch the game.

Our Top Product Picks

  • Many servers and locations
  • Best round-the-clock technical support
  • Suitable for China and similar countries
  • Up to 5 simultaneous connections
Save 49% Price from $6.67
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  • One license supports up to 6 devices
  • Fast download and upload speeds
  • Optimized VPN for gaming
  • Starting as low as $3.71 per month
Save 80% Price from $3.49
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  • Support up to 10 devices per account
  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • Protection of traffic with AES-256 encryption
  • 6,500 servers in 180 countries
Save 88% Price from $1.32
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  • Does not keep logs
  • 3,200 servers in 65 countries
  • $2.49 for a 24-month subscription
  • Supports P2P connections
Save 83% Price from $1.99
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  • Support up to 7 devices per account
  • Strict privacy policy
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 6,800 servers in 90 countries
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1. ExpressVPN

Price Range: $6.67 - $12.95. Special offer: $99.95 for 15 months

Money-Back: 30-day free trial

Devices: up to 5

Devices: Apple TV, Fire TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Routers

Platforms: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux


Many people call ExpressVPN the best VPN for gaming because it guarantees a stable high-speed connection. Have access to more than 90 countries, buy games at the lowest prices, and play any version. ExpressVPN for iOS and Android gaming offers user-friendly apps and can also be configured on PlayStation and Xbox.


Try ExpressVPN now and get our special offer!

Save 49% Price from $6.67

2. NordVPN

Price Range: $3.49 - $11.95. Special offer: 2-year deal with 68% off

Money-Back: 30-day free trial


Devices: Firestick, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi, Chromebook, Chromecast

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS


One of the best VPN for PC and mobile gaming. Removes ads in mobile applications. Gain access to 5,300 servers that provide fast connection while enjoying the ability to choose a server closer to you. There are apps for all major devices and platforms supported while NordVPN can be installed on a router and used as a VPN for the console.


Try NordVPN now!

Save 80% Price from $3.49

3. PureVPN

Price Range: $1.32 - $10.95. Special offer: 7-day trial for only $0.99

Money-Back: 31-day free trial

Devices: 10

Devices: Routers, Android TV, Amazon FireStick, Microsoft Surface

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox


PureVPN - helps you change IP and bypass geo-blocking in games. PureVPN has made it so that you can play PUBG, Fortnite, Overwatch, and CS: GO in any country. With PureVPN, you play at the highest speeds with low ping times while maintaining a reliably protected Internet connection. You will unlock access to blocked content in different countries. There are also Android and iOS, which means you can set up VPN on PlayStation and Xbox.


Now work, binge & stay secure online with PureVPN

Save 88% Price from $1.32

4. Surfshark

Price Range: $1.99 - $11.95. Special offer: Get 81% discount

Money-Back: 30-day free trial


Devices:Android TV, FireTV

Platforms: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, Chrome


One of the best VPNs for gaming because it provides servers with unlimited bandwidth, ignores geo-blocking, and protects users from DDoS attacks. In addition to working on PCs or smartphones, Surfshark is configurable for Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, or PS4 and PS5.

Other features of the provider include split tunneling, double encryption, and unlimited connections. Surf lovers will appreciate the built-in AdBlock with malware blocking functionality.


Protect your digital life.

Save 83% Price from $1.99

5. CyberGhost

Price Range: $2.75- $12.99. Special offer: 3 extra months for FREE

Money-Back: 45-day free trial

Devices: 7

Devices: Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, Android TV, Routers

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux


CyberGhost has servers around the world and supports PCs and consoles (everything for a comfortable game.) Download the service for PCs, smartphones, and consoles and play online games. There is a client for the router to protect all devices at once. For stable ping in games, CyberGhost runs on WireGuard protocol - fast and secure. With 6,800 servers worldwide, you can choose any location to connect to game servers.


Enjoy a fast and reliable VPN

Save 79% Price from $2.75

VPN for Games with GEO blocking

For political, moral, or ethical reasons, online games are susceptible to GEO blocking in certain countries. A VPN solves this problem by changing the IP address and opening access to:

  • PUBG in Nepal and lifting restrictions in India;
  • League of Legend in Iran and Syria;
  • Fortnite in Iran;
  • World of Warcraft in Crimea.

In addition to online games, the authorities are blocking violent projects with an 18+ rating. So in Australia, Germany, and South Korea, the Mortal Kombat series is blocked (although you can still be playing it using a VPN and purchasing games from the online store by changing the IP address).

VPN for Sony PlayStation

A VPN should be installed on the console to safeguard all internet traffic. As history has shown, your PS Store account can be hacked along with your payment information and account funds. This was evident in 2011 when hackers stole $11,000 from hacked the Playstation Network.

Why install VPN on consoles:

  • To protect your account and console from hacking. The VPN will change your IP address, making tracking and hacking nearly impossible.
  • Reduce ping in games. Sometimes providers artificially reduce the internet speed. To bypass your ISP while boosting internet speed, consider a VPN.
  • Get access to blocked content from anywhere worldwide. A VPN will help you change your IP address and download the game from another country’s servers.

How to set up a VPN for game consoles

To connect the PlayStation to a VPN network, you need a:

  • set-top box;
  • VPN subscription;
  • router.

We recommend buying a router with preinstalled software. These are tomato-based routers or DD-WRT routers, although they can be easily installed by yourself. The main thing to be aware of is if that the router can add VPN. For a list of suitable routers, check out ExpressVPN.

Here's a video on how to connect a set-top box to a VPN:

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Why should I use a VPN for gaming?

It offers you protection from hacking and DDOS, as well as allows you to unlock geo-restricted content and play a game before an official release in your country.

Is it legal to use a VPN service for gaming?

Yes, however, some content providers may restrict access from the known VPN IP addresses.

How do I connect to VPN?

Through a VPN service.

Which payment options do I have?

You can pay with debit and credit cards and PayPal. Some providers accept Bitcoins and even cash.

Can I play games released for other regions?

Sure, however, some content providers may restrict access from the known VPN IP addresses.

If I am going to travel abroad, would VPN work?


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    How do I set up a VPN for video games on my gaming console?

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      Unfortunately, VPNs are not installable on an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo. However, you can connect your VPN to your router or use a Smart DNS function (only available with Express VPN and NordVPN). We should note that you can save on the number of connected devices (as your router will serve as your encrypted network gateway instead of your devices).

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