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VPN for Kodi

The Kodi software is entirely legal, but many users need a VPN to safely and comfortably use the add-ons. Not all VPNs are reliable in this regard, and most should not be trusted in terms of ensuring your privacy, but there is a choice for a cost.

We chose Nord VPN is the best VPN for Kodi because they support the most advanced technologies to protect traffic, user privacy while also providing the fastest speeds. Keep reading to learn what it takes to watch Kodi safely and without limits.

List of the Best VPNs for Kodi

#1. ExpressVPN - No activity logs VPN, all-access pass to global content. 30-day money-back guarantee. 3 Months Special Deal (save up to 49%)

#2. NordVPN - The Most Stable VPN. Protects all your devices, private DNS on every server. Best value deal: save 59% (2 year-Deal)

#3. PureVPN - AES-256 encryption, 6500+ servers in 140+ Countries, 7-day VPN trial. Browsers Extensions available. 31 Days Money-Back Guarantee

#4. Surfshark - Deal of the Day: 59$ for 24 months. Tested on Windows PC - Android - macOS. Split tunneling, Free Trial available

#5. CyberGhost - Ultra Fast Servers, up to 7 devices, no Logs Policy, Special streaming servers, 45-day money back (Incorporated in USA)

Our Top Product Picks

Other VPN Providers

Why do you need a VPN for Kodi?

Not all Kodi add-ons get content from official servers, leading to copyright problems and even severe fines (even if you received Kodi already with add-ons and did not know that some of them are illegal). In many countries, which are increasing, Internet providers prefer not to contact the copyright holders. Therefore they block IPTV add-ons. Sometimes even IPTV tracks users’ addresses, and some of them can be "decoys" specifically for finding violators. Consequently, you need a VPN that provides the most reliable encryption measures, obfuscation (traffic masking), and 100% no logs.

Apart from providing another blanket of security, VPN for Kodi can also unblock video streaming providers that are not supported in your region. Thus, you will open access to content from all over the world simultaneously, which will make it nearly impossible to track you, in theory.

Installing VPN on Kodi on Firestick, FireTV, Android, and similar devices

If you can install a VPN application on your device, the following installations steps are relatively simple. The circuit is suitable for Android boxes, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, PCs under macOS, Windows, Linux, and Firestick and FireTV.

  • Choose a VPN for your platform; download and install it on your device.
  • Go to the settings and enable the emergency shutdown options, leak protection, and, if possible, obfuscated servers or traffic masking. Now, take a network leak test.
  • Select a location to connect. If you only need data protection, choose the closest server to your physical location to avoid slowdowns (you can usually just press the connect button; the smart service will choose automatically do the rest of you). If you need access to media in another region, specify it directly.
  • Done! With the VPN turned on, turn on Kodi.

How to Install VPN add-on on Kodi on Raspberry Pi 3, Linux, and Mac OS

You can integrate a VPN into Kodi to protect specific traffic, not the whole connection (like in the previous tactic). Generally, this is achievable through the Zomboided manager from the GitHub page or through a web viewer. In this case, installing a VPN in Kodi is done the way you used to do it. You will need to download the file and enter your account information. The method is less secure but working.

Our Top Product Picks

  • Simple and intuitive applications
  • 100% privacy protection
  • Up to 5 simultaneous connections
  • Prices as low as $6.67 per month
Save 49% Price from $6.67
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  • Recommended VPN for Kodi
  • Convenient clients for all platforms
  • 100% no logs
  • Prices as low as $3.71 per month
Save 80% Price from $3.49
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  • Up to 256-bit encryption
  • Breaks Chinese firewall
  • IPS Leak protection
  • Internet kill switch
Save 88% Price from $1.32
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  • HackLock protection
  • MultiHop mode with an extra layer of encryption
  • BlindSearch for private and ad-free
  • Camouflage Mode
Save 83% Price from $1.99
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  • Country: Romania
  • Founded: 2011
  • Connections: 5
  • Refund policy: 30 days
Save 79% Price from $2.75
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1. ExpressVPN

Price Range: $6.67 - $12.95. Special offer: $99.95 for 15 months

Money-Back: 30-day free trial

Devices: up to 5

Devices: Apple TV, Fire TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Routers

Platforms: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux


ExpressVPN is a robust and powerful VPN service for watching Kodi on any platform. Technical support will advise the configurations and settings of VPN for Kodi if the application cannot be installed on the device and will also recommend the best VPN server locations for different streaming services. There is a massive selection of countries to connect, the ability to unblock all streaming media services, even Netflix, and much more!


Try ExpressVPN now and get our special offer!

Save 49% Price from $6.67

2. NordVPN

Price Range: $3.49 - $11.95. Special offer: 2-year deal with 68% off

Money-Back: 30-day free trial


Devices: Firestick, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi, Chromebook, Chromecast

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS


NordVPN for Kodi is the best and safest choice. It ensures your connection is always secure and tight while providing access to more than 5,000 servers in 59 countries. Test and unblock streaming media platforms worldwide and hide your ISP to disguise that you’re using a VPN. Great around-the-clock ensure customized Kodi support for any device.


Try NordVPN now!

Save 80% Price from $3.49

3. PureVPN

Price Range: $1.32 - $10.95. Special offer: 7-day trial for only $0.99

Money-Back: 31-day free trial

Devices: 10

Devices: Routers, Android TV, Amazon FireStick, Microsoft Surface

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox


If you like accessing streaming platforms from different counties, then PureVPN is the right choice for you. Though this app is not the fastest among its peers, it could easily stream Hulu, Netflix, HBO GO, and BBC iPlayer in HD. The encryption protocol of the service is also not as strong as its peers, and the customer service is not as good as others. However, it is a relatively cheap option with plans starting at $1.99 per month.

Increasing your encryption will be detrimental to your speed. However, when it comes to streaming, PureVPN works well because of its specialized servers for popular websites. You can select a specialized server for a specific website from the app. The Hong Kong-based firm focuses extensively on privacy protection and lies outside the 14-Eyes jurisdiction. It also claims to have a strict no-logs policy for the users. It can also break the Chinese internet firewall.


Now work, binge & stay secure online with PureVPN

Save 88% Price from $1.32

4. Surfshark

Price Range: $1.99 - $11.95. Special offer: Get 81% discount

Money-Back: 30-day free trial


Devices:Android TV, FireTV

Platforms: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, Chrome


SurfShark is another reliable and high-speed VPN service provider. It is also one of the cheapest products on the market. If you are unhappy with a free VPN but don’t want to spend a fortune on a paid VPN product, then SurfShark should be the app of your choice. It provides you high-speed servers that allow you to stream in high definition. It also comes with a CleanWeb adblocker, which helps people in avoiding midroll ads in video streaming platforms like YouTube.

It comes with high-speed connections as well, which can go up to 14.52 Mbps upload and 40.92 Mbps download. SurfShark provides P2P sharing, which makes torrenting very speedy. It has industry-standard 256-bit encryption as well and follows a strict no-logs policy. It also provides IP and DNS leak protection. It also works well with P2P clients. It also provides you double VPN protection, which keeps your browsing data safe.


Protect your digital life.

Save 83% Price from $1.99

5. CyberGhost

Price Range: $2.75- $12.99. Special offer: 3 extra months for FREE

Money-Back: 45-day free trial

Devices: 7

Devices: Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, Android TV, Routers

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux


CyberGhost is a reliable provider with strong encryption and extra features that come with a fair price.It allows access to popular social networks and streaming services even in the countries with active censorship. Technical documentation is quite helpful, and the first line support is responsive and friendly. Overall, CyberGhost is a good choice for beginner and intermediate users.


Enjoy a fast and reliable VPN

Save 79% Price from $2.75


Are there free VPN trials for Kodi?

Since you need powerful protection and high speed, it makes no sense to consider the most simple applications. Paid services offer a free trial for 30 days with their money-back guarantees. The best refund-supported VPN providers include ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

What's the best free & unlimited VPN for Kodi?

Free VPNs lack the power and sophistication to provide you with a standard level of protection. Don’t risk your time and money; save your money today and choose the best VPNs for Kodi that can be bought for up to 80% off!

What's the fastest VPN for Kodi?

In terms of speed, both NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the best. Feel free to test other service providers, but in terms of performance, reliability, and functionality, these two providers are the best in the industry, by far.

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