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Name PureVPN
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General information

Jurisdiction Hong Kong BVI
Dedicated/static IP
Simultaneous Connections 10 100

Best to use for

Works in China (stealth-servers )
Obfuscated servers
Unblocks Netflix US

Pricing and Plans

min price $1.32 $1.99
max price $10.95 $11.95
max discount 88% 83%
Money back days 31 30
Free Version Available
BitCoin accepted
No Credit Card Trials

Privacy & Security

Integrated Kill Switch
No Log Policy
DNS leak protection
Double VPN servers
256-Bit Strong Encryption
Onion Over VPN
Split Tunneling

Servers and Speed

Servers Number 2000+ 1040
Servers in Countries 180+ 64
Blocks Ads
Bandwidth Caps
p2p Torrenting

Customer Support


Platforms and Devices


Browser Extensions


The PureVPN VPN for macOS has over 2,000 servers, more than 300,000+ IPs, and a 7-day trial for only $0.99. The Kill Switch protects your identity and information when the connection is lost.

Surfshark for MAC OS - Try it with a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are more than 1,500 servers across 60+ countries, with high speeds and absolute security due to diskless servers.

VPN for Windows

PureVPN for Desktop provides unlimited switching with over 2,000 services, does not enforce bandwidth limits while prices start as low as $1.32 per month. Additionally, there is a 31-day trial available for $0.99.

Surfshark for Windows PC is an excellent choice - an unlimited number of devices support with prices starting at $1.99 per month. Functionality is comparable to the market leaders, and a 30 days money-back guarantee is optional.

VPN for Streaming

PureVPN for TV Streaming - Access BBC iPlayer, BT Sport, Disney, Hulu, and Amazon Prime from anywhere in the world - fast, secure, and no buffering. Prices from $1.32 to $10.95 per month.

Surfshark VPN is the choice of many streaming TV fans for streaming - it's fast and inexpensive, and you can connect an unlimited number of devices with one license. In total, there are over 60 countries to choose from!

Best VPN for Gambling

If you’re into online gambling, PureVPN may be best suited for you. With up to 180 locations, PureVPN allows high rollers to connect to countries from their desktop or mobile phones to begin wagering with online casinos.

Surfshark is chosen by many for betting and online casinos: it is the cheapest option, and at the same time, it is relatively fast and stable. It is worth trying and comparing in person.

VPN for Chrome

More than 3 million satisfied users have chosen PureVPN in Chrome. With easy expansion, access to 2,000+ servers in 180 locations, prices from $1.32 from the promotion, and a 7-day trial - they are well worth a try!

Surfshark VPN for Chrome installs very quickly and is intuitive to use. There is a large selection of countries, one-button switching, and ad-blocking functionality starting at $1.99!

VPN for Netflix

PureVPN for Netflix - Watch Netflix shows from the US, Australia, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, and the UK with Pure VPN for only $1.32 monthly. You can also try the 7-day trial!

Surfshark for Netflix can unblock more than 15 different Netflix libraries (including Netflix for the US). Try it for 30 days for free and check the speed and access in person!

VPN for Apple TV

PureVPN for Apple TV, you can watch whatever you want. Get a 7-day trial of PureVPN for just $0.99 and unleash the true potential of your Apple set-top box.

Surfshark for Apple TV - Try it for a month for free, or buy the 2-year bundle for $1.99 per month. This solution is easy to connect, fast, and has more than 1,700 servers in 60+ countries!


PureVPN for UAE will provide you with 12 local servers to choose from, which are focused on different types of tasks and use the stealth protocol. Available for $10.95 per month and accompanied by a 31-day money-back guarantee.

Surfshark for the UAE is a good option. There are servers available in the country; you can access local content from StarzPlay, Netflix, Vuclip, Wavo, or Shahid while unlocking other world content.

VPN for China

PureVPN for China should work over the Stealth protocol, but in practice, the speed is slow. There are no local servers, but there are in neighboring countries. We recommend ExpressVPN for China.

Surfshark VPN for China is not the best choice. Applications do not work while the manual configuration is complex, frequently resulting in the inability to bypass locks. More more stable solutions include ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

VPN for Australia

PureVPN for Australia - With over 70 servers in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, PureVPN gives you quick access to everything you need. Enjoy 31 days for less than $1 and request a refund within 31 days for your money back!

Surfshark for Australian users supports five cities and more than 60 servers in the country. Acquire an Australian IP address or connect to over 60+ countries around the world. Prices from $1.99 per month!

VPN for Canada

PureVPN for Canada - Connect to 60 servers in 3 locations and get a Canadian IP address. Participate with a trial version for five devices for only $0.99 and be protected with a 31-day moneyback guarantee.

Surfshark for Canada users has 3 locations, more than 90 servers, and access to 15 US Netflix libraries. Try for free for 30 days with unlimited supported devices starting from $1.99 from a promotion!

VPN for Turkey

PureVPN for Turkey allows you to connect to 6 servers in Istanbul, and, of course, global access to content. Fast and secure, PureVPN offers a seven day trial period for $0.99.

Surfshark for Turkey - Obtain a Turkish IP address, evade government restrictions and censorship, and watch global content quickly and securely. Additionally, you can use this provider for 30 days of free testing.

VPN for UK

PureVPN for the UK offers 160+ servers in London, Gosport, Manchester, and Maidenhead. Users can enroll with a 7-day trial to test performance and functionality before commitment.

Surfshark VPN for the UK allows users to watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer Overseas, Live Streaming from the US in the UK, and protect their data from $11.95 per month or with a 2-year package starting at $1.99 per month.


PureVPN for US - More than 350 servers in different locations will give you a US IP address and access to any content at a reasonable speed. The minimum discount price is $1.32 per month.

Surfshark for the US has over 500 server locations across 20+ US cities, and more than 1,700 servers worldwide. Users can catch up on Netflix and sports broadcasts without having their data tracked from $1.99 per month.

VPN for Torrenting

PureVPN is sufficient for torrenting, but there is only a specific list of countries where it works. In the US, UK, and some others, PureVPN does not allow P2P.

Surfshark for torrenting is a great choice and works with uTorrent and other P2P clients. The servers are also optimized for fast data exchange.

VPN for Sport

PureVPN for Sports Streaming - Watch Sky Sports, SonyLIV, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN, BT Sport, beIN Sports, and more at great rates with over 30 countries worldwide!

Surfshark can be used for sports broadcasts, although some servers' speed may be unstable (depending on congestion).

30-day VPN Trial

PureVPN offers a paid trial - $0.99 for seven days; after which, the moneyback guarantee becomes non-redeemable, although there is a 40% discount for a year. You can test it for free via GooglePlay and Apple App Store for up to 7 days.

The free Surfshark trial is available only as a test of the mobile version of the application. Full packages have a 30-day money-back offer.

VPN for iPhone

PureVPN for iPhone and iPad - Available across six continents in 180 locations, PureVPN sports over 300,000 IP addresses, is fast, stable, and secure, and can be tested for seven days for only $0.99.

Surfshark for iPhone and iPad is one of the best options! Servers in 63 countries, the ability to block ads. Try 30 days free for all devices or download from the App Store!

No Logs VPN

PureVPN operates without logs, which is confirmed by a third-party audit. While you can trust the service, if you seek top-rated privacy levels, you’re best off going with another service provider.

Surfshark does not keep logs, and the company does not know what exactly you are doing online. Even the number of devices connected under one license is not monitored.

VPN for Android

PureVPN APK for Android is compatible with Android 10, Pie, Oreo, and other versions. Installable in just a few clicks, you can test the server and speeds, and partake in a free 7-day trial on Google Play.

Surfshark APK for Android has over 1 million installs from Google Play, has 1,700+ servers, and is available across 63 countries and six continents. Available torrents and Netflix are supported, all starting at $1.99 / month.

Free VPN

PureVPN is not available for free, except in the testing mode of mobile applications or the moneyback format for up to 31 days, which is one day longer than most competitors.

Surfshark does not offer free use, but you can get a refund within 30 days if the service does not suit you.

Best VPN for Gaming

PureVPN is one of the best options for gamers: DDoS protection, lifting ISP restrictions, and optimized servers. Test for seven days and see if your gaming further improves.

Surfshark VPN for games performs the same tasks as top providers: protection against DDoS, slowdown, choosing a location closer to the zones of game servers. Try from $1.99 per month!

Privacy and Anonymity

PureVPN is the choice of millions of users for privacy; with more than 300,000 IP addresses, a high anonymity level is ensured.

For privacy, Surfshark is only a decent option. While users can rest assured knowing their data is safe, don’t forget to turn on the Kill Switch to avoid leaks.

VPN for Firefox

PureVPN in Firefox offers built-in WebRTC leak protection, as well as access and streaming for 30 channels. Try a 7-day trial to see how Pure VPN works.

Surfshark for Firefox is available in more than 60 countries with over 1,700 servers. Users can connect an unlimited number of devices with only one license! Try for 30 days and get a full refund.

VPN for Safari

PureVPN for Safari doesn’t exist and can only operate by sending traffic through the client’s application. The price starts at $1.32 per month!

Safari does not support currently support a VPN extension. In order to obtain Surfshark VPN, users should download and install the full version of the software.

VPN for IE and Edge

PureVPN for IE Edge is easy to install as a client and protects all browsers. Get complete protection against IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC leaks. From $0.32 per month with a 5-year plan.

Surfshark for IE Edge connects via a client and provides complete anonymity of your online activities and access to more than 1,700 servers throughout every continent.

VPN for Linux / Ubuntu

PureVPN for Linux / Ubuntu is a simple command-line interface for Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS. With more than 3 million happy users, PureVPN offers up to 300,000 IP addresses and can be bought with a $1.32 promotional discount.

Surfshark for Linux is available for Ubuntu and Debian. It is easy to install by following the simple-to-understand instructions shared on the site. Download and connect to 63 countries today!

Best VPN for Chrome OS

PureVPN for Chrome OS - With more than 2,000 servers and 300,000 IP addresses, PureVPN provides full accessibility and easy installation from Google Play. Lastly, a 7-day trial is available for $0.99.

Surfshark for Chrome OS installs as an Android app and is fast and stable. Get for $11.95 per month or $1.99 when purchasing a 2-year plan.

VPN for Router

PureVPN for Router - Download and install the PureVPN app on your DDWRT router and test it for $0.99, or buy a long term subscription starting at $1.32 monthly.

Surfshark for router works the same as the others, supporting some models directly. You can buy a router with Surf Shark VPN pre-installed.

VPN For Germany

PureVPN for Germany allows you to choose the city of connection, which increases the data transfer speed: 200+ servers in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, and other cities. Available as low as $1.32 per month.

Surfshark for Germany has servers in Berlin and Frankfurt and guarantees secure access to any content. Try it for free for 30 days on an unlimited sum of supported devices.

VPN for Thailand

PureVPN Thailand has 12 servers in Bangkok and many in neighboring territories. You can buy with a seasonal promotion for as little as $1.32 per month for 5 years or $10.95 per month.

Surfshark for Thailand - Connect unlimited devices to plans from $1.99 per month! Safe, fast, and convenient with 1,700+ servers around the world.

Prices and Deals

PureVPN has average prices with a monthly package for $10.95, or a semi-annual plan for $8.33. The site runs monthly promotions up to $1.32 off, while refunds are guaranteed up to 31 days.

Surfshark VPN is comparable in price to top providers: a monthly package is $11.95, but there are profitable promotions in long-term tariff plans - from $1.99 for an unlimited number of devices.